New Dubai Hotels

Dubai, a captivating metropolis of towering skyscrapers, sprawling shopping malls, and lavish five-star hotels, is a city that continuously reinvents itself.

True to its dynamic nature, 2023 promises to be a year of exciting transformations with the emergence of several new hotels gracing the Dubai skyline.

Here you can discover 3 brand new Dubai hotels, ready to invite and accommodate their guests:

1. Bab Al Shams

Bab Al Shams Dubai New Dubai Hotels

Bab Al Shams, a desert resort loved by locals and visitors alike, has been a cherished destination since 2004. It’s known for its mix of family-friendly fun, lush gardens, and authentic Arabian architecture. Recently, it underwent a complete renovation, emerging even more stunning and vibrant. The previous dark decor has been replaced with a fresh, lighter design that still pays homage to its Arabian heritage. You’ll find a blend of original elements with a modern twist.

The resort’s beloved swimming pools, located on the edge of the sandy landscape, now have new restaurants to enjoy. Zala offers Mediterranean cuisine, while Anwā, a rooftop spot, serves Asian dishes with breathtaking sunset views. They are delightful new additions. Plus, they have a fleet of Land Rover and Defender vehicles ready for exciting desert adventures. As you explore the rolling dunes of the Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve, keep an eye out for herds of endangered Arabian oryxes and graceful sand gazelles. If you’re looking for vast towering golden dunes, you’ll need to venture 300 kilometers inland to the Empty Quarter. But for a taste of desert adventure just a short drive from downtown Dubai, Bab Al Shams is the perfect choice.

Bab Al Shams Dubai New Dubai Hotels

2. Atlantis The Royal

 Atlantis The Royal New Dubai Hotels

Located right next to the famous Atlantis the Palm on Dubai’s iconic Palm Jumeirah, Atlantis the Royal is anything but subtle – and that’s what makes it so appealing. It’s billed as “the most ultra-luxury experiential resort in the world,” and it’s filled with extravagances: 795 rooms, suites, and penthouses, 17 exceptional dining spots, a massive 1.2-mile-long beach, and an impressive collection of 90 pools.

As soon as you step into the lobby, you’re treated to a mesmerizing show of fire and water, artistically designed by WET Design. The vast spaces are adorned with stretches of radiant marble and giant fish tanks. Grand internal boulevards, featuring high-end shops, crisscross the property, inviting you to explore. In the guest rooms, you’ll find a calm atmosphere, with soothing color schemes and surprisingly minimalistic decor that lets you fully enjoy the stunning views, especially from the balconies facing the Palm. For those seeking an even more elevated experience, the suites and penthouses offer luxury on a whole new level, complete with landscaped terraces and glass-walled pools, ensuring an unparalleled sense of indulgence.

 Atlantis The Royal In Dubai New Dubai Hotels

3. SO Uptown Dubai

 So Uptown Dubai New Dubai Hotels

Welcome to Uptown Dubai, a unique lifestyle destination that redefines luxury right in the heart of the Middle East. Get ready to step into a visionary world where fashion, design, and entertainment come together to offer an unmatched sensory experience. This cutting-edge retreat offers a wide range of pleasures, from exceptional gourmet dining and innovative cocktails to state-of-the-art wellness experiences.

Climbing up 10 floors of the iconic Uptown Tower, this architectural wonder boasts 188 carefully designed rooms that provide stunning views of Dubai’s famous skyline, the captivating Marina, the iconic Ain Dubai, and the pristine Jumeirah Beach.

But there’s more to discover beyond the luxurious rooms. You’ll find a wealth of exciting amenities waiting for you. Immerse yourself in the grand ballroom and modern meeting facilities. Relax at the spa, take a dip in the inviting pool, and savor the finest culinary creations at top-notch dining venues.

 So Uptown Dubai New Dubai Hotels