Beaches In Qatar

Qatar is an ideal destination for a wonderful beach holiday, due to the presence of a coastline that exceeds 560 km in length, Qatar is a small peninsula surrounded by warm turquoise waters, in addition to skyscrapers and gas wealth. Qatar is famous for its public and private beaches suitable for enjoyment and entertainment.

In this post you will discover 11 Absolutely Stunning Beaches In Qatar :

1. Katara Beach

Beaches In Qatar Katara Beach

 It is a pleasant sandy stretch adjacent to the Katara Cultural Village, and is the right beach for those who want to swim and enjoy the ocean waters near Doha.

Katara Beach is the best option available for families, as there is a children’s play area, food carts, and various motorized and non-motorized water sports on its outskirts. There are also restaurants suitable for lunch, steps away from the beach.

The beach is 1.5 kilometers (0.9 miles) long; It is dotted with lounge chairs and perfectly shaded areas from the scorching sun for children.

The men’s section is located at the southern end of the beach, but single men are not allowed to enter the beach.

Price: The fees imposed to enter the beach are lower than their counterparts in the private Qatari beaches, where an adult fee of 50 Qatari riyals, equivalent to 14 US dollars, is imposed, while children between the ages of 7-17 years pay a fee of 25 Qatari riyals, equivalent to 7 dollars.

2. Fuwairit Beach

Beaches In Qatar Fuwairit Beach

Fuwairit Beach is located north of Doha, an hour away by car, as it is on the northeastern coast of Qatar.

It is considered the best destination for those who want to enjoy the sport of kitesurfing, where the soft white sand is surrounded by shallow crystal blue waters, and the nests of sea turtles of the hawksbill species are spread in the northern part of it, so it was closed to protect them.

The kiting season extends from January to June, and swimming can be enjoyed at any time between April and July.

3. Al Maroona Beach

Beaches In Qatar Al Maroona Beach

Located north of Doha, an hour’s drive away, is one of the most attractive beaches in Qatar. 

It swarms on weekends with foreign expats and has become known as the French Beach.

It is also one of the few beaches that offers flexible swimming dress codes, where bikinis and shorts can be worn, and is the perfect destination for a great day trip with friends.

It is preferable to swim on the beach at high tide, which is the case in most beaches in Qatar. The mysterious Jassasiya rock carvings are located near it.

Al Maroona Beach is an undeveloped beach, as access to it is suitable via two-wheel drive vehicles, as the road is bumpy, it is recommended to buy lunch in advance, as there is no restaurant or cafe available on the beach, and there is nothing to entertain children or protect them from the sun, so it is suitable more for adults, not for families.

4. Banana Island

Beaches In Qatar Banana Island Qatar

The reason for naming Banana Island this name is due to the shape of the island similar to a crescent, and it is the closest thing to a tropical island.

Banana Island is a 30-minute boat ride from Al Shuyukh Port and is ideal for a fun day in the sun.

The island is home to the Banana Island Resort Doha, a palm-fringed 800-meter (2,625-foot) stretch of tranquil sandy strip managed by Anantara.

The island also has two wide lanes that simulate ocean waves with a swimming pool.

You can simply buy a permit to spend one day on the island. The permit includes the services that will be paid for boat transportation, water sports and the restaurants that you will enter, which enables you to dispense with the hospitality of a luxury hotel.

5. Sealine Beach

Beaches In Qatar Sealine Beach

Although it is not the best beach in the Gulf for snorkeling, it is the main destination for beach diving in Qatar.

Sealine Beach is located on the East Coast Road, south of Doha, an hour’s drive away, as it passes near natural gas stations and Qatar Petroleum refineries.

The beach includes the sunken Doba barge, where sea turtles are encountered, while the beach includes artificial reefs in two locations (New Club Reef) and (GMC Reef), where crabs and stingrays roam, and you also find submerged cars swimming in tropical fish.

Sealine Beach Resort provides you with sun loungers if you do not want to dive, and you can choose the swimwear you want by providing cabanas equipped with swimwear.

Traditional clothing also makes it easy to join the locals on the public section of the beach, where you’ll find camel driver tours and simple places to eat.

6. Umm Bab Beach

Beaches In Qatar Umm Bab Beach

Umm Bab Beach is a shallow beach located west of Doha, an hour away by car. Although the eastern coast includes the best beaches of Qatar, it is a different beach as it provides a wonderful atmosphere in the desert oasis, which is spread around palm trees in small groups.

Umm Bab Beach is known as Palm Tree Beach, where tents and caravans are scattered in small numbers along the coast, as it is famous in winter as a distinctive and popular camping destination for the local population.

7. Khor Al Udaid

Beaches In Qatar Khor Al Udaid

Khor Al Udaid Beach is a unique beach that is an inland sea in Qatar.

It is located on the borders of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, forming a stunning natural border where azure waters meet soft dunes.

It is one of the best beaches for adventures along with refreshing swimming, as the rugged roads in the creek provide the appropriate conditions for a special adventure, as Qatar organizes four-hour organized tours of jumping around the dunes using four-wheel drive vehicles.

It should be noted that the dunes spread south of Sealine Beach, about an hour from Doha.

8. North Beach- “Al Shamal Beach” 

Beaches In Qatar North Beach In Doha

North Beach stretches along the northern coast of the State of Qatar, a 90-minute drive from Doha.

This beach offers the best views of the unique sunsets over the ocean, but swimming is not the best here as there are many shallow, rocky beaches.

On the beach, there are seating areas and shaded structures along the corniche, in addition to public bathrooms.

Nearby villages such as Al Ruwais and Abu Al Zuluf offer many simple dining options, and local beach trips are also available via buses from Doha.

9. Simaisma Beach

Beaches In Qatar Simaisma Beach In Qatar

Simaisma Beach is a public beach, about a 30-minute drive from Doha, and it ranks second in terms of service development after Katara Beach.

Simaisma Beach is located north of Doha and is suitable for families, as mangrove trees dot the north of the beach, along with calm shallow waters and soft, muddy sand suitable for children, but it does not help build sand castles.

Simaisma Beach has plenty of family-friendly facilities; It can be reached via public buses, which takes an hour.

10. InterContinental Doha Beach & Spa

Beaches In Qatar Intercontinental Doha Beach &Amp; Spa

This resort has the longest and best private beach in Doha, where sun loungers are spread out to relax and unwind.

The resort offers beachside hotel accommodations along with the best views of the scenic West Bay area.

There are many good restaurants around the beach as well as a coffee shop.

The InterContinental Doha Hotel provides tickets for non-guests, like most hotels in Qatar for one day, but they are very expensive for the weekend, as the cost is $ 96, equivalent to 350 Qatari riyals; While the prices are affordable for the rest of the week and children get a discount, as the price reaches 55 US dollars, equivalent to 200 Qatari riyals.

The best beaches for families in Qatar

Below you will discover the most famous beaches of Qatar that you can visit in Qatar for families, which are:

1- Marsa Malaz Kempinski

Marsa Malaz Kempinski is a safe haven for a family holiday with children where lifeguards are always on hand.

The beach is beautiful and offers various water activities for all as well as a swimming pool for the little ones.

2- Grand Hyatt Doha

The private beach is about 400 meters long, and is an ideal destination for spending time with the family.

In winter, the Grand Hyatt enjoys excellent water temperatures.

With its shallow waters and soft sandy beach, it creates a safe environment for children, in addition to providing modern amenities that suit all family members.

3- Hilton Salwa Beach Resort and Villas

The private coastline is approximately 3.5 km long and surrounded by lush green trees, making it a true oasis of rest and tranquility.

Hilton Salwa Beach Resort It has several water activities, as it includes the largest water park in Qatar, which is the Desert Falls Water and Adventure Park, which is considered a play paradise for children.

4- Intercontinental Doha

The InterContinental Doha Hotel is the first destination for spending a special vacation and relaxing with the family.

The hotel has a variety of services from beautiful gardens, swimming pools and various restaurants, as well as a private sandy beach. 

5- The Ritz-Carlton, Doha

The Ritz-Carlton, Doha is an ideal and luxurious getaway, as it provides the appropriate place to spend unique family moments beside the swimming pool; The Ritz-Carlton Beach is on its own private island.

6- Katara Beach

It is the ideal beach to make the whole family happy, as it is easy to access, and provides many safe activities for the child, as it is one of the most suitable beaches for children in Qatar.

7- Simaisma Beach

Simaisma Beach is ideal for long walks through oases of soft sand.

The shallow waters provide a safe environment for children to enjoy some time in the sun. 

8- Fuwairit Beach

Fuwairit Beach offers fun activities for children and adults, so it is a fun place for a family weekend getaway.

The shallow water is suitable for children to play and have fun; Along with soft white sand, while adults enjoy swimming and windsurfing.

9- Sealine Beach

It is the most famous in Qatar, as it provides many activities for entertainment, from riding a camel or sand dunes to swimming, relaxing in the sun, and enjoying its sunset, which are activities suitable for all family members. 

10- Azerbaijani beach

The Azerbaijani beach is close to Fuwairit Beach, and it is characterized by the absence of rocks on the beach, which is completely sandy, which makes it an ideal playing environment for children, as the sand is ultra-soft along with clear water. 

11- Al Thakhira Beach

Al Thakhira Beach offers a wonderful experience for young and old and is famous for being a wonderful haven for family gatherings.

You can take a kayak excursion and enjoy the beach.