Best Parks In Doha

Doha offers a wide variety of activities to its visitors. There are a lot of museums, countless restaurants, and many unique shops. One thing that might not immediately come to mind when planning a trip to Doha is all the different parks in the area. If you want to fully enjoy Qatar’s capital, you’ll need to make sure you take the time to enjoy some of these places, as they are some of the best parks in Doha.

In this article, you will discover 14 Best Parks In Doha To Enjoy In 2023:

Best Park In Doha For Kids

Sheraton Hotel Park

Best Parks In Doha For Kids

This park offers lots of greenery (for a desert country) and is located just behind the Sheraton Grand Doha Resort. It is located on Al Corniche Street and, as it sits along the Corniche, it offers stunning views of the Doha skyline and the West Bay. The location, however, is not the best aspect of this park.

Qatar is a hot country and the reason this park is a great option for families with children is that there are plenty of water features and play areas to help keep the kids cool.

It also offers 24-hour security and a huge playground. If you have little ones who need to let off steam, this is the place to go. There are also plenty of nearby food options, kiosks, and restaurants, should you get cravings.

Best Parks In Doha For Athletes

Oxygen Park

Best Parks In Doha For Athletes

While staying in shape might not be high on the to-do list for holidaymakers, there is a park on hand for those who want to do some cardio while visiting Doha. Oxygen Park is huge (over 10 hectares!) and has plenty of trails for jogging and biking as well as plenty of picnic areas for those looking to have a fun day out.

The park has brought a breath of fresh air to the Doha community (literally) by providing a safe and green atmosphere filled with many different plants (nearly 120 different types). There are many restrooms, benches, prayer rooms, and many other useful amenities all around the park. Best of all, it’s open and well-lit at night, so you can exercise after the sun goes down when it’s not that hot.

Al Gharrafa Park

Best Parks In Doha

The park features a remarkable air-conditioned track spanning 657 meters, maintaining temperatures between a comfortable 26°C and 28°C. In addition to the track, a 639-meter bike path is available for cycling enthusiasts. For those looking to engage in fitness activities, the park also offers two exercise areas equipped with fitness equipment, ensuring a well-rounded workout experience.

Al Rayyan Park

Best Parks In Doha

Al Rayyan Park was already a fantastic choice for individuals seeking a leisurely walk or run with its dedicated track. However, the park has elevated its offerings with the introduction of a Fitness Box, taking it to the next level. This exciting addition enhances the park experience by featuring screens that broadcast short exercise classes to the public. Now, visitors have the opportunity to engage in invigorating workouts led by top instructors, completely free of charge.

Aspire Park

Best Parks In Doha

Aspire Park, the largest in Doha at 88 hectares, offers extensive trails for walking, running, and cycling. It boasts impressive sporting facilities, including the Hamad Aquatic Center and Khalifa International Stadium. The park also features attractions like a climbing wall, a skate park, and a picturesque lake. Don’t miss capturing photos of the iconic Torch Hotel.

Post Office Plaza Park

Best Parks In Doha

Post Office Plaza park, situated adjacent to the Qatar Post building, boasts a unique design resembling three interconnected Qatari postage stamps. The park offers a 900-meter jogging track and a 1.5-kilometer cycle path, providing ample space for running and cycling enthusiasts to enjoy their activities.

Best Parks In Doha For Tourists

MIA -The Islamic Arts Museum Park

Best Parks In Doha For Tourists

If you are in Doha, chances are you have planned to visit the Museum of Islamic Arts. If so, I highly recommend planning a visit to this park. MIA Park is known for hosting many different events throughout the year, including activities such as outdoor movies, yoga classes, and more.

For children, there are many activities such as trampolines, climbing ropes, and slides. If you’re not in the mood for a lot of walking, you can even opt to rent a bike. This will allow you to make the most of your visit and see all there is to see.

5/6 Park

Best Parks In Doha

Doha’s 5/6 Park stands out as one of the most remarkable parks, featuring a plant maze in the shape of Qatar at its center. The maze offers a captivating experience, with entrances and exits named after coastal cities and illuminated at night. Additionally, the park provides a 1.4-kilometer jogging path and a 1.1-kilometer cycle path, catering to fitness enthusiasts. Inside the park, be sure to explore the captivating public art installations, including a Jedariart mural and artwork by renowned Qatari fine artist Faisal Al Hajri.

Crescent Park

Best Parks In Doha

Lusail’s Crescent Park is a beloved destination among residents, renowned for its visually stunning arch that provides panoramic views of the surrounding area. Instagram has showcased this architectural gem, capturing the attention of many. Culture enthusiasts will appreciate the park’s recent addition of public art installations unveiled last year, offering an artistic experience. For sports enthusiasts, the park provides football fields and volleyball, tennis, and basketball courts, catering to various athletic pursuits.

Catara Hills Park

Best Parks In Doha

When it comes to immersing yourself in culture, Katara Cultural Village stands out as one of the top destinations in the city. After exploring the mosques and dining options, make sure to visit Katara Hills. These man-made hills provide a scenic viewpoint of the surrounding area and serve as a serene location for a peaceful stroll.

Best Park In Doha For People With Pets

Al Bidda Park

Best Parks In Doha

This park is huge and offers a wide variety of activities, including basketball, soccer, jogging tracks, fire pits, and more. It is also ideal for pets (on a leash) as it offers a large area and lots of green grass.

The Souq Waqif is only a short walk away, so if you plan to stop at the popular market to have a look, you can also stop in this park. This park also offers many possibilities for children. There are playgrounds with slides, swings, and even zip lines.

One of the most interesting aspects of this park is that it is located along the famous Doha Corniche. Not only do you have a large recreational park, but you also have stunning views of West Bay and the Doha skyline.

This is probably the most perfect place for a picnic in Doha. If you are visiting this park as a family, make sure your phone/camera is fully charged. You will definitely have plenty of photo opportunities here.

Best Unique Park In Doha

Al Khor Park

Best Parks In Doha

This park is actually one of the oldest parks in Qatar. It was closed in 2010 for much-needed TLC and finally reopened in 2016 with some major upgrades. They invested nearly $70 million to bring this park back to life. This park is not like the other parks on this list. While it offers a lot of things that other parks do, like fun play areas for the kids and lots of benches to rest on, they also have a bunch of other cool features.

One of the biggest attractions of this park is its zoo, which features exotic birds, zebras, and emus, among others. It is one of the only parks in Qatar where you can get close to the animals. There is also a train you can ride, waterfalls and fountains, an aviary, mini golf, and many small restaurants. This is a must-visit Doha park!

Best Park In Doha For Beach Enthusiasts

Simaisma Park

Best Parks In Doha For Beach Enthusiasts

If you’re in the mood for some fun in the sun, I highly recommend heading to Simaisma Beach. There’s a great playground with barbecues and picnic areas, and it’s near the water. You have to drive a bit, but the area is quite amazing and worth it.

The beach is a bit crowded, so I recommend getting there early, there isn’t much to eat and drink around, so it’s best to pack whatever you want to eat and drink. It is an ideal place if you want to bathe in the waves of the gulf and offer children a pleasant and safe playground.