Mondrian Doha Hotel

Mondrian Doha Hotel is situated in the lively West Bay business area, Ennismore’s main location in the Middle East offers a setting that mixes baroque and minimalist designs, sure to capture your attention and interest.

Mondrian Doha: A Unique and Fun Hotel Experience

Opened in 2017, the Mondrian Doha is a hotel that people remember. It was designed by Marcel Wanders, who is known for his playful and bold designs. Even after five years, this hotel is still a top place to stay in the always-busy city. A lot of its success comes from the creative design imagined by Wanders from the Netherlands.

The hotel has 24 floors, and each one has its own interesting stories and surprises. When you enter, you’ll see a bright, white lobby. As you explore further, you’ll find dark restaurants and bars with soft lighting. The swimming pool at the top shines under a colorful stained glass ceiling. All of these designs are inspired by the local Qatari culture and modern, tech-savvy lifestyles, using new materials and methods.

In short, the Mondrian Doha Hotel mixes Qatari culture with modern life and uses new design ideas to create a fun and surprising place to stay.

1. A Cool Spot Near Exciting Places

Mondrian Doha Hotel

The Mondrian Doha hotel is covered in a special porcelain that looks like falcon wings, which is a symbol of the emirate. It’s located near the famous Zig Zag towers, close to a canal and the highway that connects Qatar’s capital to The Pearl, an artificial island. The hotel is also next to Lusail, a new town that has a big Stadium. While the Mondrian Doha doesn’t have outdoor terraces, it’s often nicer to stay inside because the weather in Qatar can get very hot, often going over 40°C.

2. A Place of Bold and Exciting Design

Mondrian Doha Hotel

The lobby of the Mondrian Doha hotel is a sight to see with clean columns decorated with golden eggs, big bell-shaped chandeliers, and black and white tiles with Eastern designs. Marcel Wanders, a famous designer from the Netherlands, created the decoration to be bold and baroque, using geometric shapes and Arabic writing as inspiration. Like all Mondrian hotels, the one in Doha has a special staircase that’s just for decoration. It’s a spiral staircase with a detailed railing that doesn’t actually go anywhere! From the tree-like pillars in the EllaMia coffee shop and the all-black elevators to the swimming pool on the 27th floor under a dome of colorful stained glass, every part of the hotel is made to wow you.

3. Simple Rooms with a Touch of Arabic Style

Mondrian Doha Hotel

Unlike the bold designs in the public areas, the 270 rooms and suites at the Mondrian Doha Hotel are simple and minimalistic with a few Arabic decorations. The walls have patterns that might remind you of Arabian Nights, and the carpet looks like the rolling sand dunes of the desert. The bridal suite has a stronger oriental feel, decorated in white and gold. It has a huge four-poster bed, detailed screens, sofas, and Persian carpets, all mixing Marcel Wanders’ bold style with Arabic culture.

4. More Than Just a Hotel

Mondrian Doha Hotel

The Mondrian Doha isn’t just a place to stay; it’s a destination itself, featuring a wonderful spa managed by the Espa brand. The men’s spa area takes inspiration from the vibe of souks, while the women’s area, with 12 treatment rooms, feels like a paradise garden, boasting beautiful mosaics, crystal rain showers, and a modernly decorated hammam. The treatments are very personalized, and provided by therapists with skilled hands. Additionally, the Mondrian hosts a nightclub decorated with mirrors and chandeliers, a cigar bar, and a caviar bar, offering food experiences focused on sturgeon roe.

5. A Feast of Flavors and Experiences

Mondrian Doha Hotel

At the Mondrian, boredom is off the menu thanks to its wide array of dining options! Enjoy a traditional Qatari dinner at Walima, located on the hotel’s only beautiful terrace. If you’re in the mood for a classic burger, Hudson Tavern has got you covered. For a taste of celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck’s creations, there are American restaurants on-site. Alternatively, experience the Morimoto Restaurant, famous Japanese chef Morimoto’s only location in the Middle East, where the backlit mosaic decor and open kitchen are attractions in themselves. With fresh seafood and excellent food and drink pairings, Morimoto stands out as one of Doha’s must-visit dining spots.

6. Affordable Luxury in the Heart of Qatar

Mondrian Doha Hotel

Starting at €157 per night, including breakfast, the Mondrian Doha provides especially appealing rates in comparison to other five-star rivals in Qatar’s capital. This makes it a fantastic option for those seeking luxury without the hefty price tag.