Beach Bars In Paphos

Every afternoon in Cyprus is uniquely special, with sunsets that are unparalleled and unlike anything else on the island.

Experiencing these moments becomes even more magical at a beach bar, where you can savor a well-crafted cocktail, take a refreshing dip in the sea, or indulge in delicious food while admiring the great sunset. In this journey, we will guide you through discovering the best beach bars in Paphos, where each location offers its own distinct charm and contributes to making your Cyprus sunset experience unforgettable.

1. Sea you

Beach Bars In Paphos Sea You

Discover the exotic Sea You Beach Bar, nestled on the tranquil “Potima” beach in Kissonerga. This bar is a modest yet stunning oasis of peace, situated right on the picturesque shoreline, offering breathtaking views of the endless blue sea and the spectacular sunsets. The Sea You Beach Bar is designed with a wooden floor, white tables, comfortable chairs, straw umbrellas, and sunbeds lined along the beach, surrounded by palm trees. Its authentic charm and relaxing vibe make it an ideal spot for unwinding.

This idyllic setting promises not just a day of relaxation by the sea but genuine moments of tranquility and pleasure. Here, you can start your day lounging on a sunbed while sipping coffee, or try one of their smoothies or cocktails, which are rumored to be some of the best in town. A swim in crystal-clear waters is sure to rejuvenate you, making Sea You Beach Bar a perfect escape for those seeking serenity by the sea.

Kissonergas, Kissonerga 8574, Paphos |

2. Fly Again Irish Pub & Grill

Beach Bars In Paphos Fly Again Irish Pub &Amp; Grill

If you’re in search of a seaside spot that offers an idyllic, exotic ambiance, then a visit to the Fly Again Irish Pub and Grill in Argaka, located in the Paphos district, is a must. This venue, with its stunning location and beautifully designed space, creates a unique atmosphere complemented by a mix of delicious cocktails, breathtaking sunsets, and the soothing sound of waves breaking on the beach.

The vibrant colors, cozy pillows, sunbeds, and sofas on the beach, along with the wooden furniture on the veranda, set the perfect scene for your summer outings. Fly Again’s extensive menu, offering a variety of food and drink options, ensures a complete and satisfying experience. This cozy and atmospheric bar/restaurant is situated in a truly magical spot, famous for its wonderful sunsets.

You’ll find it along the picturesque coastal road of the village of Argaka, just 6 km from the town. The area of Argaka itself is stunning and well worth exploring.

Griva Digeni 80, Argaka 8873, Paphos |

3. Island Beach Bar & Restaurant

Beach Bars In Paphos

Summer is synonymous with sun, sea, carefreeness, and good times. At “Island Beach Bar & Restaurant” in Latsi, Paphos district, you get to enjoy all these along with delicious food and refreshing cocktails in an idyllic setting by the sea. This spot is renowned for offering one of the most beautiful sunsets on the island.

The ambiance at this stylish beach bar is enhanced by beautiful chill music, with a decor that elegantly combines white color, pebbles, and wood, creating an almost exotic atmosphere. It’s the perfect place to find yourself early in the morning, lounging in hammocks and sunbeds, sipping coffee, snacking on various treats, or dining on delectable dishes while enjoying the stunning view and enchanting sunset. As the evening unfolds, relax with a cold beer, a range of cocktails, and your choice of alcoholic beverages.

Akamandos Avenue, Poli Chrysochous, Paphos Province |

4. Periyiali Beach

Beach Bars In Paphos Periyali

Located on the central coastal road in Latsi, there’s a charming family restaurant that feels like a slice of the Mediterranean. With its modern space dominated by wood and white color, Periyiali Beach is the ideal destination if you’re looking to escape daily life and relax beside golden sands with views of the dreamy sea of Lazio.

Periyiali Beach is a staple for seaside outings, consistently offering the best in dining experiences. The menu is a celebration of Mediterranean flavors and aromas. You can choose from a selection of fresh fish, displayed for you to pick your preferred catch. Enjoy delicious seafood cooked to perfection, either pan-seared or grilled based on your preference, along with other exquisite dishes from their unique recipes. Each dish is artfully prepared and presented, pleasing to the eye before delighting your palate.

For those who prefer lighter fare, there’s a variety of excellent fish appetizers known for both their quality and flavor. Adding to the allure of Periyiali are the stunning sunsets, the enticing cocktails, and its exotic beachside setting – all compelling reasons to visit Periyiali again this summer.

Leophoros Akamandos, Latsi, Paphos |

5. Noma

Beach Bars In Paphos Noma

The brand new Noma restaurant in Latsi doesn’t hold back on any front! Perfectly situated along the promenade of the Latsi marina, Noma offers an idyllic dining experience. The staff is exceptionally kind, and the kitchen churns out special flavors that make it worth the trip to Latsi from anywhere, anytime. The area has long been a hub for both local and international tourists, and in recent years, it has become a “must-visit” destination for great food – and not just seafood.

Noma fits into the all-day café-bar category, boasting an impressive terrace that overlooks the marina’s boat masts and the area’s stunning sunsets. The decor is minimalistic with modern touches, where natural wood is the key element. Inside, the greenery hanging from metal structures on the ceiling, along with beautiful lamps and an impressive green wall, create a photogenic setting. The use of fresh ingredients, modern presentation, and pleasant service ensure a memorable dining experience, particularly as the sun sets.

Noma also becomes a lively spot at night, with guest DJs turning up the atmosphere, making it an uplifting destination for those seeking both culinary delights and a vibrant nightlife experience.

Chrysakama beach block 11, Latsi, Polis Chrysochous, Paphos |

6. Cabana Beach Bar

Beach Bars In Paphos Cabana

Located at the eastern end of Geroskipou beach in Paphos, nestled in a tranquil natural setting, stands the ultimate beach bar experience – Cabana Beach Bar. This beach bar is anything but ordinary, offering an unobstructed view of the vast blue sea. The panoramic vista from this spot is mesmerizing, with the endless blue waters and stunning views capturing the gaze.

The breathtaking blue vista, combined with the bar’s ambiance and decor, is why Cabana is always bustling with visitors. The setting is beautifully crafted with wooden furniture, ropes, bamboo, reeds, awning burlap, elegant rope rugs, cacti, and luxurious details, creating a harmonious atmosphere on the sandy beach.

At Cabana, you can relax on one of the oversized wooden sunbeds fitted with comfy mattresses and gray boho-detailed umbrellas, all while enjoying beachside services like coffee, snacks, salads, drinks, shisha, and music from top DJs during the weekends. Alternatively, you can lounge in one of the gazebos, complete with large cushions and sofas, and dance with your friends until sunset. Don’t miss out on the delicious cocktails crafted by the bar’s experienced bartenders, enhancing your beach bar experience.

Ayapinoros, Geroskipou 8204, Paphos |

7. Antasia Beach Club

Beach Bars In Paphos Antasia Beach Bar

Since June 2021, ANTASIA Beach Club has graced one of the most stunning sandy beaches in Kato Paphos. This latest addition to the Thanos Hotels & Resorts portfolio is situated right where the waves break, just a short walk from the Almyra and Annabelle hotels. Its minimalist decor, playing with the shades of white and blue that reflect the sea, makes it a standout all-day venue.

ANTASIA offers an unparalleled experience from morning till late at night, catering to guests seeking fun moments and those desiring peaceful relaxation on the beach. The restaurant-beach bar features comfortable wooden sunbeds, creating an idyllic setting. Beachside services allow guests to enjoy the sun with their coffee or drink, alongside delicious snacks, various lunch and dinner options, and a wide range of signature cocktails.

A highlight of the establishment is the spiral staircase, leading up to the roof. Ascending this staircase feels like going up to the “sky,” where visitors can experience the magic of a direct view of Paphos Castle.

Avenue Poseidonos 28, Kato Paphos 8042 |