Best Restaurants In Luxor Egypt

Luxor, a bustling hub for tourists, boasts impressive dining options. The local culinary scene will fascinate you as you wander through the vibrant city streets. For those passionate about food, diving into the local Egyptian cuisine offered by Luxor’s restaurants promises a journey through a rich tapestry of flavors. With the guidance provided in our post, discovering the best restaurants in Luxor Egypt will be easy!

1. Sofra

Sofra Best Restaurants In Luxor Egypt

This restaurant takes you on a journey through Egypt’s flavors. It has a beautiful tile design, a dining area upstairs that’s filled with light and air, and a calm vibe with birds singing. The menu features unique takes on Egyptian dishes, from Grilled Eggplant and Rice-Stuffed Pigeon to Sambousa and Shorbit Kishk. Starting with a mezze platter, which lets you pick four hot and four cold dishes, is a great idea—it can be an appetizer or a whole meal. Their coffee is exceptional too. Sofra also has a cooking class where you go to the market to pick ingredients and then cook a meal, or you can choose to go sailing on a felucca or walk in the countryside before eating. The only downside is that the restaurant only takes cash in EGP, so make sure to have cash on hand when you visit.

90 Mohamed Farid St., Luxor, Luxor Governorate 1362352, Egypt |

2. Al Sahaby Lane

Al Sahaby Lane Best Restaurants In Luxor Egypt

Al Sahaby Lane, located on top of the Nefertiti Hotel, has been a culinary staple since the 1930s, offering amazing authentic Egyptian cuisine to both locals and visitors for many years. The menu is foolproof, featuring highly local specialties like Camel Pot (a lighter take on veal goulash), stuffed pigeon (lightly filled with rice), delightful mezze, and classic Egyptian desserts. Dining here, especially during a Nile River sunset, is an unforgettable experience.

Al-Sahaby Street, Luxor City, Luxor, Luxor Governorate 85951

3. Aboudi Coffee Break

Aboudi Coffee Break Best Restaurants In Luxor Egypt

This fast-food gem, offering stunning views of the Luxor Temple and a short 2 to 5-minute walk from the main market and Nile River, stands out for its prime location and scenic outlook. The menu, filled with straightforward choices like basic sandwiches and grilled meats, doesn’t disappoint. Don’t miss out on the Panini sandwich with fresh mozzarella. For vegans, options might seem limited, but the kitchen is accommodating, readily whipping up dishes like falafel or veggie sandwiches upon request. The coffee here is strong and satisfying. All in all, it’s a great spot for a relaxing meal in the bustling market area.

Mabad el-Karnak St., Luxor, Luxor, Egypt |

4. 1886

1886 Best Restaurants In Luxor Egypt

1886 offers a luxurious dining experience right by the Nile, serving French-inspired dishes with a unique Egyptian touch, including a variety of seafood. The menu features everything from Marinated Prawns and Lobster Soup with Asparagus to Sole and Cep Ravioli, and even a Date Tart with Almonds and Caramel Sauce for dessert. Remember, dining here means dressing up—women should wear cocktail dresses, and men should wear suits and jackets.

17 Cornish El Nile Street, Luxor, 11 432 Egypt |

5. Oasis Palace

Oasis Palace Best Restaurants In Luxor Egypt

Nestled in one of the town’s rare 19th-century mansions, this laid-back restaurant boasts vintage photos for decor, making it a true hidden gem. Located just steps from Luxor’s corniche and across from Bankque Misr, it’s a must-visit spot. Top menu picks include Sheesh Tawouk, Chicken Shawarma, and Grilled Fish, all known for their freshness and taste, not to mention the irresistible Arabic bread!

Iabib Habachy St, Luxor Governorate 1362502, Egypt

6. El Hussein

El Hussein Best Restaurants In Luxor Egypt

El Hussein is a welcoming spot serving traditional Egyptian cuisine located 200 meters From Karnak Temples, complete with set menus for a well-rounded meal experience. The servings are generous, making it perfect for sharing, especially if you have a smaller appetite. Highly recommended dishes include Egyptian Salads, Lentil Soup, Chicken and Rice, Kabab Casserole, and Fish, all guaranteed to satisfy your cravings for authentic flavors.

Hilton St, New, Karnak, Luxor Governorate, Egypt |

7. Maxime’s El Saltana

Maxime'S El Saltana  Best Restaurants In Luxor Egypt

Maxime’s, located at the southern tip of Luxor’s East Bank hotel area, is a hidden gem that offers much more than its modest entrance suggests. Inside, you’ll find a stunning setting perfect for a relaxed evening. The menu features both Western favorites like burgers and fries and Middle Eastern classics. The laid-back vibe is enhanced by the option to enjoy a hookah pipe in the open-air courtyard. Don’t miss out on the Mint Fresh Juice, Grilled Chicken, or Mix Grill for a taste of their best offerings.

38, Khaled Ibn Alwaleed Street – al Awamea between Isis and Achti Resort hotels, Luxor Egypt

8. Nile Valley Restaurant

Nile Valley Best Restaurants In Luxor Egypt

Nile Valley Restaurant, situated on the West bank of the Nile within its hotel, boasts panoramic views of the river and the Luxor Temple, making it a must-visit spot in Luxor. Renowned for its authentic Egyptian dishes and a variety of international options, the restaurant offers an outdoor dining area for a truly intimate meal experience. Be sure to sample what are considered the best burgers and falafels in Luxor, alongside their grilled meats and mezze platters. They also offer beer, adding to the dining enjoyment.

Ferry boat landing Gesirat El Bairat, West Bank 12411, Egypt

9. Lantern Room Restaurant

Lantern Room Best Restaurants In Luxor Egypt

Lantern Room Restaurant, set along the Nile River’s edge in Luxor, attracts visitors worldwide with its unique blend of Egyptian flavors and Asian twists. The restaurant’s atmosphere with elegant lantern lighting and chic decor, creates a welcoming space for dining. The menu has a great variety, including plenty for vegans. Highlights include the Smokey Chili, a mezze platter, and the unique Shrimp Falafel. For dessert, the Lemon Meringue Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream or the Sticky Toffee Pudding are must-tries, perfectly paired with black coffee. Unlike many local restaurants that don’t serve alcohol, Lantern Room offers both wine and beer, adding to the enjoyment of your meal.

Al Rawda Al Sharifa, Gazirat Al Awameyah, Luxor, Luxor Governorate 1362103, Egypt

10. Gerda’s Garden

Gerda'S Garden Best Restaurants In Luxor Egypt

Gerda’s Garden, with its charming European bistro vibe, set out to satisfy every European’s culinary cravings in Luxor, Egypt. It stands out as one of the best places in Luxor to dive into unique flavors, offering a fresh perspective on dining in a cozy, home-like atmosphere. The menu’s explosion of flavors and colors, featuring both Egyptian and European dishes, promises to enchant your taste buds. Don’t miss out on their Falafel, Beef Piccata, Oriental Salad, and Grilled Chicken for a memorable meal experience.

Ali Ibn Abi Taleb, Gazirat Al Awameyah, Luxor, Luxor Governorate 1362130

11. Silk Road

Silk Road Best Restaurants In Luxor Egypt

Hidden within the luxurious Hilton Luxor Resort and Spa, Silk Road offers breathtaking views of distant hills across the Nile and stands out as a top choice for fine dining lovers craving Asian cuisine. It’s celebrated as the best restaurant in Luxor for dinners infused with the tastes of China, India, Thailand, and Korea. Highlights include the flavorful Tomato Dhania Soup, the innovative Rice Pullao with added vermicelli for an extra tasty twist, and the savory Beef Teriyaki. Plus, they serve beer!

 Hilton Hotel, Karnak, Luxor, Luxor Governorate, Egypt

12. Tout Ankh Amoun

Tout Ankh Amoun Best Restaurants In Luxor Egypt

Located in El Gezira on Luxor’s West bank, Tout Ankh Amoun Restaurant offers a deep dive into Egypt’s rich history and ancient magnificence. Stepping into the restaurant feels like a journey back to ancient Egypt, thanks to its thematic decor and an extensive menu that celebrates Egyptian culinary traditions. The restaurant has both cozy indoor seating and scenic outdoor dining areas. For the perfect blend of delicious cuisine and stunning views, get a table outdoors to enjoy the peaceful ambiance. There is a variety of vegan dishes available like Spinach and Chickpea Tagine or Tahini Salad. Among meat dishes, the Chicken Curry comes highly recommended.

Al Bairat, Al Qarna, Luxor Governorate 1345179, Egypt

13. Marsam

Marsam Best Restaurants In Luxor Egypt

Marsam Restaurant is located in the beautiful Marsam Hotel. It is sourcing ingredients directly from its hotel garden and local markets and prides itself on offering dishes made with the freshest ingredients. Fish is brought in daily from Lake Nasser, while all the meat is locally sourced, ensuring top quality. The food here is mostly organic, steering clear of any deep-frozen or pre-packaged items. Marsam focuses on traditional dishes characteristic of the Luxor region. The restaurant doesn’t stick to a set menu; instead, it changes daily based on the season and the availability of fresh produce.

PJF4+JH, Al Qarnah, Luxor Governorate 1341701, Egypt |

14. Aisha

Aisha Best Restaurants In Luxor Egypt

Aisha Restaurant in Luxor is a real gem, offering a diverse menu that spans Local, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Egyptian, International, and vegan-friendly dishes. Everything on the menu is a good choice, but the chicken or beef shawarma, Lamb Tagine, Eggplant Moussaka, Fish Tagine, and Shish Kebab come highly recommended. Make sure to end your meal with their warm cheesecake and ice cream for a heavenly experience!

El Rawda El Sharifa St. Front of Sonesta Hotel, Luxor Egypt

15. Victoria Room

 Victoria Room Best Restaurants In Luxor Egypt

Head over to the Victoria Room in the Winter Palace for an unforgettable high tea experience on a stunning terrace. The service is outstanding, with attentive staff ensuring your tea is topped up throughout the sitting. You’ll be treated to a generous spread of both savory and sweet treats, all of which are delicious. This is an experience not to be missed!

Winter Palace, Corniche El Nile Street, Luxor Egypt