Best Street Food In Nicosia

Driven by our love for great street food, we’ve put together a list of seven best street food in Nicosia for you to try. There’s something for everyone: a shop that makes tasty sandwiches fresh every day, and even a food truck that serves food inspired by Marvel superheroes. Each place we’ve picked is special and sure to be delicious!

1. Bolls

Best Street Food In Nicosia In Bolls

Bollscy offers a unique and alternative take on fast food in the capital, quickly becoming a daily favorite since its opening. This eatery stands out for its use of excellent raw materials and homemade sauces, crafting delicious meals daily with the freshest ingredients. Uniquely, these dishes are served in either a pie or a bowl.

The menu at Bolls is dominated by various versions of ‘bolls’, like beetroot balls, sweet potato balls, and choices including chicken, meatballs, tuna, halloumi, and more. Popular items include the “Sweet Spud,” featuring sweet potato balls with mashed avocado, fried shallots, tomato, lettuce, cucumber, mint salad, and mango korma dressing. The “Classic Falafel” is another favorite, consisting of falafel salad with tomato, lettuce, cucumber, mint, and garlic-free tahini dressing. Don’t miss the “Chickinoua,” which includes chicken, quinoa, sweet potato balls, grated halloumi, korma salad, radish, and mayonnaise. Another intriguing option is the “Keftes boll,” featuring soft meatballs with yogurt dressing, ketchup, and slaw.

From the hot meals section, a must-try is the “Chicken and red pepper pesto on rice,” with chicken, sweet potato, quinoa balls, red pepper and carrot pesto, basmati rice, and salads with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and mint. Complement your meal with sides like fried potatoes, sweet potatoes, basmati rice, and an assortment of dressings including tahini, mango, yogurt, and mint. Bollscy also offers the option to create your own boll with a variety of ingredients, in your pie, salad, rice, etc.

For a sweet finish, indulge in their dessert, the “Chocolate Panko,” – a Mars bar coated in panko breadcrumbs, served with chocolate ice cream and drizzled with maple syrup.

Michael Giorgalla, 4, Engomi, Nicosia |

2. Burger Heroes

Best Street Food In Nicosia In Burger Heroes

Burger Heroes is a tantalizing food truck located on one of the bustling streets of Strovolos, at the corner of Iosif and Republic 69. Known for its playful presence and enticing aroma, this food truck quickly gained popularity since its debut in the summer of 2022. It’s the brainchild of three young friends, Antonis, Andreas, and Stefanos. Combining their culinary skills, travel experiences, and a shared passion for burgers, they transformed a caravan into a vibrant food truck, complete with tables for on-site enjoyment. The success in Strovolos led to the launch of their second food truck in Arediou.

The menu, crafted by Antonis and Stefanos, draws inspiration from Marvel heroes, featuring nine uniquely named burgers that make choosing a challenge due to their appealing variety. Each burger is known for its generous portions, affordable prices, and flavors that guarantee a return visit. Highlights include the Captain Burger (with American sauce, cheese, bacon), the massive Hulk Burger (a triple patty with egg, cheddar, bacon, Hulk and Captain America sauces), and the Iron Burger (with cheddar, iron sauce, and caramelized onions). The Thor Chicken Burger (with fried chicken, cheddar, Thor and iron sauces), and the vegetarian-friendly Black Widow Burger (with cheese and avocado widow sauce) are also popular choices. Other notable mentions are the Dr. Strange Burger (double cheddar, smoked Jack Daniel’s sauce, onion rings) and the Superman Burger (chicken patty with Superman basil yogurt sauce, red cabbage, and carrot salad). All burgers include tomato, iceberg lettuce, pickles, and are served in a soft brioche bun. You can enjoy them alone or as a meal with fries.

Speaking of fries, Burger Heroes offers them crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, served plain or topped with Melted Cheddar Cheese, a smash burger, and bacon. The menu is rounded off with various versions of Chicken Poppers, ensuring there’s something for every taste at Burger Heroes.

corner Joseph & Demokratias 69, Strovolos, Nicosia

Griva Digeni, Arediou (next to Christos Komi MOT & Zvotrofes Aretousa), Nicosia |

3. Churros Amigos

Best Street Food In Nicosia In Churros Amigos

Churros Amigos in Lakatamia has been a delightful destination since its opening in 2020, quickly capturing the hearts of locals with its authentic Spanish churros. Famous for serving the traditional horseshoe-shaped churros along with small, crispy churros bites, Churros Amigos has become a favorite in the area. But their presence isn’t limited to just their store; they’re also a staple at many of the island’s biggest street food festivals.

Understanding the joy and excitement that churros bring to any gathering, Churros Amigos also specializes in catering for both private and corporate events. Whether it’s children’s parties, baptisms, or other special occasions, they ensure a memorable and delicious experience for attendees, offering a variety of garnishes and flavors to complement their tasty churros.

78G Agios Georgiou Avenue, Lakatamia, 2304 Nicosia |

4. Hurry Curry

Best Street Food In Nicosia In Hurry Curry

Indian food, often associated with a love for spices, is perceived by many as either heavy or spicy, but this isn’t always the case. This is why we’re excited to recommend one of the best places for Indian cuisine in the capital: Hurry Curry. This eatery welcomes you into its atmospheric setting, serving carefully crafted and balanced Indian flavors.

The menu at Hurry Curry boasts over 100 dishes, each brimming with authentic colors and aromas. Highlights include the sizzling Chicken Tikka in a hot cast iron pan and various versions of Chicken Kebam that are irresistibly tasty. Don’t miss out on the vegetarian samosas, the flavorful vegetable soup, and signature dishes like the Pineapple Kebab – chicken mixed with granulated herbs, pineapple pieces, and cheese, served hot. The Chicken Shis Tavuk, with chicken breast marinated in grated chili paste, lemon juice, fresh parsley, and yogurt, is another must-try. The Tandoori Chicken and Ribs, marinated in lemon, yogurt, and white paper paste, along with Makhni Prawns cooked in butter and lemon with makhni sauce, are not to be overlooked.

For a rich and creamy option, the Chicken Korma with onion, cashews, coconut milk, and cream is perfect. Vegetarian delights include “Allu Ghobi” (potatoes and cauliflower) and “Chana Masala” (chickpeas). Alongside its tasty curries, don’t forget to try the fragrant pulao rice, various breads, salads, noodles, and sweets that round off the menu. Hurry Curry offers a comprehensive and authentic Indian dining experience, making it a top choice for Indian food lovers in the capital.

Bouboulinas 11AB, Nicosia |

5. Laika Sandwich

Best Street Food In Nicosia In Laika Sandwich

Laika Sandwich, nestled in the heart of the capital at 39 Themistokli Dervi Street, is a quaint yet remarkable destination for sandwich lovers. Since its opening in 2019, it has not only caught attention with its humorous logo but also with its array of delicious sandwiches that have quickly become a city favorite. The team behind Laika Sandwich brings years of experience in the catering industry, and their mission is to offer traditional sandwiches made from their unique recipes. These recipes feature fresh meat, country chickens, and a blend of aromas and herbs from Cyprus.

At Laika Sandwich, you’re in for a treat with an array of sandwiches that combine classic and unique ingredients in mouth-watering ways. With an impressive selection of 32 different sandwiches, you can choose from various bread options like white or black loaf, triara, trigonaki, Cypriot pie, and even toast. If we were to recommend one, the Laika Special is a must-try. It’s perhaps the richest and most filling sandwich you’ll ever encounter, loaded with lountza, ham, halloumi, egg, sausage, bacon, potatoes, tomato, crab, and mayonnaise. Other notable choices include the Rosto Special and Turbo Chicken, each boasting its own unique and delicious flavors.

The Rosto Special features roast, ham, fries, mortadella, cheese, lountza, tomato, cucumber, crab, and mayonnaise. The Turbo Chicken is a delightful combination of chicken, sausage, bacon, cheese, tomato, and crab. These are just a few examples catering to various tastes, and there’s more to explore, including country food, cold meats, Caesar chicken, club sandwiches, and vegan options like falafel wraps. They also serve hot dogs, lighter options like ham cheese and smoked turkey, burgers, salads, and breakfast selections.

Additionally, Laika Sandwich prepares rich platters (available in 36, 40, and 64 pieces) perfect for sharing with friends, featuring an assortment of sandwiches and slices. Whether you’re grabbing a quick bite or planning a gathering, Laika Sandwich offers a diverse and satisfying menu to suit every palate.

Themistokli Dervi 39, Nicosia |

6. Pasta Strada

Best Street Food In Nicosia In Pasta Strada

Pasta Strada is an innovative concept in Nicosia that brilliantly combines Italian cuisine with the culture of street food, quickly becoming a culinary sensation in the city. This successful venture has rapidly established itself, now boasting three locations – in Aglantzia, Engomi, and Latsia. It’s a haven for pasta lovers and more, attracting a diverse range of customers.

At Pasta Strada, you’ll be treated to a variety of pasta dishes, each made with an array of pasta types, handmade sauces, and unique recipes that transport you straight to the trattorias of Italy. The menu is versatile, catering to different preferences and moments of the day, offering quick, high-quality, and satisfying meals.

For those who prefer classic flavors, the Bolognese is a must-try, featuring ground beef and pork in Pasta Strada’s signature tomato sauce, delivering an authentic Italian taste. The Cheated Italian Carbonara, with its combination of bacon, mushrooms, onion, oregano, and original Pasta Strada cream sauce, is hugely popular. Another standout dish is The One with The Steak, which includes Beef sirloin steak strips, mushrooms, red onion, dried cranberries, Worcestershire sauce, chili flakes, and Pasta Strada cream sauce, ensuring a flavor explosion.

Seafood enthusiasts will enjoy the Di Mare, with shrimps, mussels, white wine, and tomato sauce. The One with The Paprika offers a delightful blend of chicken, cherry tomatoes, spinach, sweet paprika, and Pasta Strada rose sauce. For vegetarians, The Broccoli One with cherry tomatoes, broccoli, parmesan, and Pasta Strada basil pesto sauce is a perfect choice.

Besides these mouth-watering pasta dishes, Pasta Strada also serves velouté soups, expertly prepared risottos, fresh salads, and a variety of other Italian-inspired foods, as well as desserts. Pasta Strada is more than just a dining spot; it’s an experience that keeps you coming back for more.

109 Larnakos Avenue, Aglantzia |


Best Street Food In Nicosia In Streat

Streat Food’s unique concept is centered around delivering high-quality street food from around the globe, staying true to the original recipes and origins of each dish. Their team aims to transport customers to Southern Italy with their authentic Neapolitan pizza, baked in a stone oven. The pizza dough is carefully prepared to rise perfectly, creating a fluffy crust that’s a delight to bite into. The appeal of Neapolitan pizza lies in the combination of its soft, fluffy dough and the robust flavors of its toppings.

Operating as a ghost kitchen, Streat Food offers the convenience of enjoying its culinary delights in the comfort of your own space. The highlight of their menu is the array of 10 different pizzas. These include the classic Margherita with Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and mozzarella, the spicy Pepperoni pizza with Bastoncino Picante, mozzarella, Parmigiano Reggiano, and Chili Oil, and the luxurious Tartufata pizza with truffle sauce, mozzarella, fresh mushrooms, arugula, and truffle oil. The Ham N Mushroom pizza features tomato sauce, mozzarella, fresh Portobello mushrooms, and Cotto Ham. Also, the Burrata pizza with mozzarella, burrata, parmigiano reggiano, Italian bacon (smoked ham), arugula, and olive oil, and the Primavera pizza with tomato sauce, zucchini, eggplant, red onion, artichokes, black olives, and oregano, are must-tries.

In addition to these imaginative pizza creations, the menu also features “pizza fritta” – a cousin to the Neapolitan pizza – alongside salads and a variety of side dishes. These include fried potatoes (plain or topped with melted cheddar cheese), onion rings, sweet potatoes, and crispy chicken wings, among others.

Andreas Avraamidis 104, Strovolos, Nicosia |