How To Dress In Dubai

Discover the best way to dress in Dubai for an amazing stay with friends, alone or with family:

Dubai is a major city in the Middle East that attracts a lot of visitors every year. Since the temperatures there are high all year round, one may wonder how to dress in Dubai to go on vacation. 

Fortunately, thanks to the appropriate clothing and protection from the sun, it is possible to spend beautiful days on the beach or in the busy streets of the city.

Clothing that respects Arab culture

Woman Dressed In Black And White On Dubai Street

The culture of the Arab world is rich and diverse, with many unique traditions and customs. In Dubai, you can see aspects of this culture reflected in the city’s dress codes.

In general, women in Dubai tend to dress conservatively, wearing clothes that cover a lot of their body. This includes long skirts or pants, long-sleeved shirts or blouses, and loose-fitting dresses. In more formal settings, such as at work or in a restaurant, women may wear a hijab or another type of headscarf to cover their hair as well.

Men should also dress modestly when out in public. They most often wear slacks or jeans, as well as collared shirts or polo shirts. For more formal occasions, men should wear a suit or at least a jacket and tie.

While it’s important to adhere to these cultural norms when visiting Dubai, you’ll also find that many locals are happy to see tourists who have made the effort to dress appropriately for their visit. So if you are confused about what to wear while in Dubai, remember that you can never go wrong with modest and conservative clothes!

Clothing that adapts to the weather in Dubai:

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In the Gulf country, the climatic conditions are very varied. In winter, the temperature can drop to 10°C and often rise to over 40°C in summer. Enough to make the adaptability of clothing!

Indeed, each season marks a real break in local clothing: women take out their summery and colorful outfits in spring (soon), while men put on more layers in winter.

Local textile products, such as perfumes and, to a lesser extent, lingerie, are also adapted to changing weather conditions thanks to their strong or sweet scents, depending on the consumer’s desire and the season.

Finally, to stay warm on cold days and display class and style, there are sites like that offer a wide range of cheap men’s jackets for all tastes.

For all these reasons, we can say that the weather in Dubai is a real challenge for textiles! However, thanks to the ingenuity of its inhabitants, it is possible to dress chic and comfortably in any season.

How to dress as a woman in Dubai?

People Eating At Dubai'S Restaurant

There are a few rules to follow when dressing as a woman in Dubai. First of all, it is important to cover yourself properly. Shoulders and legs should be covered, and it is best to wear loose clothing that is not too tight. Also, it is important not to show too much skin. Deep necklines and short shorts are to be avoided.

Also, it is important to choose clothes that are not vulgar. See-through clothes, provocative outfits, and body displays have no place in this part of the world. Finally, it is also important to wear shoes adapted to the situation. It is better to opt for flat shoes or ballet flats for women.

It is therefore necessary to adopt a correct and well-dressed attitude as a woman in Dubai. With a little common sense, everything should go smoothly!

How to dress as a man in Dubai?

How To Dress In Dubai

Dubai is a very popular destination for tourists from all over the world, and it must be said that it is not for nothing. Whether for the modern architecture of the city or its magnificent white sand beaches, Dubai is a city to visit at least once in a lifetime. But how to behave as a man in this city? Well, if we follow the following tips, we should be safe! First of all, like everywhere else, you have to dress properly. It is forbidden to wear shorts or tank tops that are too short and t-shirts displaying violent or vulgar messages will not look great. On the other hand, t-shirts with logos can be worn as long as they are discreet. Regarding the outfits, very often for a foreigner traveling to Dubai, we will opt for the local kamis which is more like pants than a skirt but which can be worn with a t-shirt. Otherwise, there are also more Western outfits like jeans with a shirt or even a polo shirt. Bermudas are tolerated but be careful not to wear them too short and above all, prefer light models such as beige or white. For shoes, avoid going out in flip-flops or sandals as this is frowned upon by locals. Prefer sneakers or moccasins if you want to be comfortable without being too casual. Finally, if you want to enjoy the sun and the beaches of Dubai, know that swimsuits are accepted on the beaches but it is forbidden to walk around town in them. That being said, there are areas reserved for bathers where you can walk around with your swimsuit such as the Jumeirah Beach Park or the public beach of JBR.

How to dress on the street in Dubai?

Woman Dressed In White Shirt And Sunglasses Walking On Dubai Street

Dressing appropriately is always important in any culture, and this is especially true in the United Arab Emirates. Emiratis are very traditional and conservative, and they expect visitors to dress modestly in public.

For women, this means covering their shoulders and knees and wearing clothes that aren’t too tight or revealing. In general, it’s best to dress more conservatively than usual.

For men, clothes should also be modest and loose. Shorts are generally not accepted in public, except at the beach. Again, prevention is better than cure when it comes to dressing in Dubai.

Of course, there are exceptions to every rule. You will see some people, whether local or foreign, who are not dressed modestly. However, it is always best to respect cultural norms and dress appropriately. After all, you don’t want to stand out as a tourist and draw unwanted attention to yourself!

Overall, the best way to dress in Dubai is simply to respect the local culture. By doing so, you will experience a more authentic and enjoyable journey.

Here are some tips on how to dress in Dubai:

How To Dress In Dubai