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In the city of Mecca, you can find a range of cafes, from upscale to more popular options. Here are some of the best cafes in Mecca.

1. Camel Step

 Cafes In Mecca

Camel Step is known as one of the top cafes and coffee roasters in the Kingdom, with multiple branches. The Mecca branch stands out for its generous space and minimalist design. If you’re a fan of cold coffee, their Cold Brew comes highly recommended. If you prefer a hot cup of coffee, be sure to try their espresso with Yemeni beans.

C2 Jabal Omar, Ash Shubaikah, Mecca 24231,

2. Asante

 Cafes In Mecca

Asante’s outdoor settings are fantastic, and it’s a great spot if you’re looking for a quick bite. They serve a variety of food options, light dishes, cold drinks, as well as their delicious coffee and sweets.

Al Awali, Mecca, Saudi Arabia

3. Maqam Cafe

 Cafes In Mecca

The place boasts incredible decor with an abundance of natural plants, creating a pleasant atmosphere. The café offers a variety of breakfast options and beverages, including coffee, tea, and juice. Even in the evening, it transforms into a unique and delightful spot.

Ibrahim Al Joufaili, Mecca 24372,

4. Zeeka Café

 Cafes In Mecca

Zeeka Café has a big indoor area and outdoor seating for enjoying sunny days.

They offer a variety of tasty foods and drinks made from high-quality ingredients. You can try things like breakfast sandwiches, snacks, and Western salads. They also have European desserts and different kinds of drinks, including brewed coffee, flavored teas, and cold coffee.

Ibrahim Al Joufaili, Mecca 24372,

5. Elk Cafe

 Cafes In Mecca

Elk Cafe is a lovely two-story place. Their brewed coffee and Cortado are excellent. You should definitely try their special drink called “Secret” – it’s delicious and visually appealing. They also offer a wide range of delicious sweets that are just as beautiful. I highly recommend it!

King Fahd, Mecca 24353 ,

6. Rose Star Cafe

 Cafes In Mecca

In Mecca, there’s a really nice and fancy coffee shop in Al-Shariah. It’s a two-story place with lots of different hot and cold drinks, plus plenty of tasty sweets and desserts. The atmosphere is comfy, stylish, and special.

Al Qadisiyah, Al Rashidiya, Mecca,

7. Dessert Cafe

 Cafes In Mecca

The café is usually peaceful and cozy. Their cortado is really good. They have comfortable and pleasant seating, which is great if you want to work or spend a long time there. I tried the saffron dessert and the lemon raspberry cake, and they were both incredibly delicious.

Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz Road, Al-Zaidi District, Mecca ,

8. September Cafe 

 Cafes In Mecca 

They offer a wide variety of coffee in September Cafe, including some rare options like the Spanish Latte, which is absolutely fantastic whether you prefer it hot or cold. Their V60 Indonesian coffee is also delicious. The store itself is beautifully designed and elegant.

Al Hamra and Umm Al Joud, Mecca,