Glamping In Riyadh

In search of tranquility and a mental oasis, many are drawn to luxury camping, a tradition cherished by the island’s inhabitants since ancient times. Glamping in Riyadh offers an idyllic retreat for those yearning to immerse themselves in the serene embrace of darkness, silence, and tranquil beauty under a star-studded sky, far from the city’s hustle, noise, and rapid pace of modern life. Imagine sitting in front of a crackling fire, cozy in your fur, away from it all. Explore the luxurious, campsites on the outskirts of Riyadh for this ultimate experience.

1. Mahat Al Reem camp

Mahat Al Reem Glamping In Riyadh

Mahat Al Reem camp is an excellent choice for those looking to enjoy serene nights. It offers a private and unparalleled experience, ranking among the most luxurious glamping in Riyadh. The camp comes equipped with essential amenities and comforts for staying overnight, including outdoor seating and a range of fun activities. Notably, its Greek deck provides a wonderful setting for socializing by the fire under the stars. Morning hours reveal the splendid sight of the sky merging with the desert, enhanced by nearby green areas. Furthermore, the camp features a great shooting range, games for kids, and fields for football and volleyball, catering to various interests. | for contact and reservation 0539994004


2. Oasis Camp

Oasis Camp Glamping In Riyadh

Oasis Camp brings a unique luxury camping experience that’s not just about peace. It’s located in Rawdat Khuraim, north of Riyadh, known for its scenic beauty. This camp is an initiative by the General Entertainment Authority and features international dining options like the Japanese Zuma Restaurant and Latin Amazonico.

Besides dining, the camp offers entertainment from music bands and performances that reflect the area’s culture. There are also plenty of activities to keep guests entertained, including bowling, archery, golf, and horse riding. Oasis Camp ensures a luxurious stay with top-notch facilities and accommodations that offer beautiful views of the oasis.

 For contact and reservation 0112112014


3. Dim Light Camp

Dim Light Glamping In Riyadh

Situated on Janadriyah Road, far from the urban noise, Dim Light Camp offers a special outdoor setting with seats facing a projector screen for guests to enjoy. This camp stands out as one of the most popular in Riyadh, with its organizers paying close attention to every detail. The camp features a variety of outdoor seating arrangements, designed to suit different moods and settings, extensive tents, and play areas for kids. Everyone who visits can appreciate the orderly layout and the tastefully arranged colorful lights that enhance the camp’s visual appeal. | for contact and reservation 0501804063


4. A camp in the King Khalid Reserve

Glamping In Riyadh

The King Khalid Royal Reserve, once called the Al-Thumama area, sits within Riyadh, about 80 km to the northeast of the city center, covering roughly 720 km². This reserve stands out for its diverse fungi, flora, unique geological structures, and its deep historical and cultural heritage.

The camping trip, spanning two days, features an array of activities and events, including:

website | contact 966506672030

5. Point Camp

Point Camp Glamping In Riyadh

Point Camp, located on Al-Thumama Road, is celebrated by those who visit for its excellent setup, organization, and ready-to-use facilities. It’s easy to get into for small cars, covering an area of 4500 square meters. This camp is cleverly split into two areas: one for women, complete with two bathrooms and a kitchen, making it a cozy and self-contained space. The area for men is equipped with two tents and includes an outdoor bench for sitting around a grill, along with lighting and a bathroom for convenience.

There’s also a special Kuwaiti Arish spot for relaxing, and the camp makes sure there are tanks available for moving around and having fun. The lighting inside the tents is soft on the eyes, and they offer headphones and a projector for watching movies under the moon, adding to the enjoyment. | contact 0541521523 / 0550500919


6. Sheikh Camp

Glamping In Riyadh

Sheikh Camp lives up to its name by offering a luxurious camping experience. It features elegant decorations and amenities, including bathrooms and living rooms across spacious sleeping quarters, and comfortable seating tents. This camp is cleverly divided into two sections separated by a barrier and is located near Oasis Riyadh, about 80 kilometers north of the city, making it ideal for families and events. Tenants enjoy private facilities and seating areas, in addition to access to a communal garden space. The cost to book this camp is around 5,000 Saudi riyals.

For more information, bookings, or reservations, you can contact them at 0555475741.