Best Restaurants In Taif

From traditional Saudi cuisines to international flavors, Taif’s restaurant scene is as varied as it is exquisite. Whether you’re a local foodie or a traveler seeking to indulge in the city’s gastronomic delights, our curated list of the best restaurants in Taif promises to satisfy your taste buds and offer you a memorable dining experience. So, let’s dive into the flavors of Taif and discover the culinary gems that make this city a must-visit destination for all food enthusiasts.

1. Ahlan Wasahlan

Best Restaurants In Taif Ahlan Wasahlan

Ahlan Wasahlan is a great place to find your favorite dishes anytime you’re hungry. The menu is only in Arabic, but you can still enjoy the classics like fatoush, moutabal, hummus, kebabs, grilled chicken, shawarmas, and even tagines. Try the grilled meats and moutabal, and the baba ghanoush is absolutely delicious. Plus, they serve freshly squeezed fruit juices. It’s a tasty experience!

7CH7+Q2X, Shubra, Taif 26564, Saudi Arabia |

2. Falafel Pie

Best Restaurants In Taif Falafel Pie

Falafel Pie Restaurant stands out as one of the best and most renowned eateries in Saudi Arabia. Known for its diverse range of pies and pizzas, the restaurant caters to all tastes with offerings that include vegetable, pepperoni, and other popular pizza flavors favored by many enthusiasts. It has become a go-to destination in Saudi Arabia, attracting a significant number of guests.

In addition to its fame for pies and pizzas, Falafel Pie Restaurant is also celebrated for its exceptional falafel.

Tariq Alshifa’ walsadad, Taif |

3. Bohoo

Best Restaurants In Taif Bohoo

Bohoo is renowned as one of the premier dining choices in Taif, known for its enjoyable ambiance of fresh, delicious food and soothing background music. The restaurant’s menu is a celebration of global flavors, featuring a wide array of cuisines such as Italian, French, American, Asian, and Arabic. When visiting Bohoo, you should try some of their signature dishes. These include indulgent pancakes, savory French toast, flavorful shakshuka with cheese, a variety of steaks, and a selection of pasta dishes. Another major draw of the restaurant is its exceptional coffee, which has become one of the main reasons for its popularity. Additionally, the truffle pizza is a must-try item, often highlighted by guests as a favorite.

 8324 Darid Ibn Al Samah Al Sadad, 2435, Taif |


Boga Best Restaurants In Taif

Boga Restaurant is a cozy eatery known for its health-focused menu. This small restaurant stands out for its unique and flavorful food, offering a range of healthy and nutritious meals. It’s a great spot to try their amazing salads and mouth-watering sandwiches. A particular highlight of Boga Restaurant is their chicken with pesto flavor, which has become a favorite among guests for its delicious taste.

Aljal, Taif 26523 |

5. Jan Burger

Best Restaurants In Taif

Jan Burger Restaurant is known for its unique approach to classic burgers, serving them in potato bread. Alongside its standout burgers, the restaurant offers a variety of other dishes, including hot dogs and delectable tender chicken pieces. A key feature that sets Jan Burger apart from other Saudi restaurants is its array of distinct sauces, which draw in numerous customers.

City Walk, Aljufayjif, Taif 26523 |

6. Shawaya House

Best Restaurants In Taif Shawaya House

Shawaya House is a well-known destination for Arabic cuisine, renowned for its excellent Bukhari rice, Shawaya, and fried fish with rice. The restaurant also offers delectable BBQ chicken, making it a popular choice among lovers of traditional Arabic dishes.

3805 حسان بن ثابت،, Ashuhada Ashamaliyyah, Taif 26513 |

7. Buffalo Wings & Rings

Best Restaurants In Taif

Buffalo Wings and Rings is a sports-themed restaurant in Taif, known for offering an exceptional sports dining experience. This restaurant has a lively and dynamic atmosphere, enhanced by multiple screens broadcasting various sports matches, making it an ideal spot for special gatherings or enjoying food and drinks with friends.

Focusing on American cuisine, the menu includes a range of popular dishes such as burgers, fries, chicken wings, and more. Among the must-try items are the Boneless Buffalo Wings Classic and Honey Mustard, the Classic Burger, and their delectable Quesadillas.

Shehar Street, Taif |

8. Al Safy

Best Restaurants In Taif Al Safy

Al Safy is a stylish and trendy dining spot known for its delicious offerings and a good selection of menu choices. The cuisine is a delightful mix of Lebanese fusion and Middle Eastern flavors. When you visit, the Mixed Grill Platter is a must-try dish, showcasing the restaurant’s culinary expertise and the rich tastes of the region.

Jubrah, Taif 26523 |

9. Burgerizzr

Best Restaurants In Taif Burgerizzr

Burgerizzr Restaurant is renowned as one of the top establishments specializing in fast food. Known for serving some of the most delicious burgers in Taif, the restaurant prides itself on offering fresh and well-seasoned options. A standout item on their menu is the chicken burger, which is exceptionally tasty, and made with natural, non-frozen chicken. Additionally, their grilled potatoes are of the finest quality, adding to the overall excellence of the dining experience.

حي, Shihar, 6934 شارع شهار, Taif |

10. Khayal Restaurant

Best Restaurants In Taif Khayal

Khayal Restaurant holds the distinction of being the largest Turkish restaurant in Saudi Arabia, specializing in barbecue and grill dishes. It has gained popularity for its delectable kebabs, which are grilled according to the preferences of the guests. In addition to its famed kebabs, the restaurant also offers a range of traditional Turkish dishes, including potato tagines and various grills. A highly recommended dessert to try at Khayal is the Kunafa with Ice Cream, a delightful fusion of traditional Turkish sweets and a cool treat.

Valley Center – فالي سنتر, Wadi Waj Rd, Ashuhada Aljanubiyyah, Taif 26513 |

11. Taza

Best Restaurants In Taif Taza

Taza is a popular fast-food restaurant in Taif known for its array of delectable dishes. The restaurant’s menu is highlighted by its burgers, chicken nuggets, and sandwiches, with a special emphasis on using fresh, not frozen, chicken. Additionally, Taza offers seafood options like shrimp and fish. For dessert lovers, the restaurant serves popular sweets such as hala caramel, and hala lotus, all of which are favorites among its customers.

Al Shafa Road, Taif |

12. Koshary Albashawat

Best Restaurants In Taif Koshary

Koshary Al Bashawat restaurant offers a diverse selection of dishes, including Egyptian and Mediterranean cuisines. The restaurant is particularly famous for serving Koshary, which is the national dish of Egypt. Known for its amazing taste, Koshary has made the restaurant a popular spot among both residents and tourists.

Muslim Bin Mujafal Subaih Street, Shubra, Taif |