Best Places To Visit In Taif

Taif, the third-largest city in the Mecca Region of Saudi Arabia, has a rich history and it’s also known as the most tourist-friendly city in the country. Taif is also a special city in Saudi Arabia, thanks to its climate and fertile lands. It’s unique in its region. In our article about the best places to visit in Taif , we’ve gathered parks, historic buildings, and markets where we think you’ll have a great time.

1. Alhada road

Best Places To Visit In Taif Alhada Road

At an elevation of 2,177 meters above sea level, you’ll come across acacia, juniper trees, and various herbal plants lining the road. Along the way, there are stalls where you can buy natural products like Taif rose water, fruits, hot beverages, and snacks. The panoramic views along Alhada road are stunning at any time of the day.

Heading along Alhada Road, you’ll find the Al-Kar Tourist Village. Here, you can have a blast with water games and exciting activities like car racing and riding the flying carpet, which takes you from one mountainside to another on extended ropes. You can reach the Al-Kar Tourist Village either by cable car or by land transportation on Al-Hada Road.

If you want to take a break and enjoy a comfortable stay in a hotel with views of the mountains, gardens, or the city, then Le Meridien Al-Hada Hotel should be your choice. They offer a variety of delicious dishes from international and Middle Eastern cuisines to make your stay even more enjoyable.

2. Al Shafa Mountain Park

Best Places To Visit In Taif

The distance between Al-Taif and Al-Shafa Mountain Park is approximately 30 kilometers by car, and you can get there via Okba Al-Mohammadia Road, which connects Al-Taif to Mecca. When you reach the top of Al-Shafa Mountain, which is over 2500 meters above sea level, you’ll be treated to a breathtaking natural view. The mountains of Sarawat stand tall, enveloped in white fog, and the air carries the pleasant scent of juniper trees. It’s the perfect spot to capture beautiful pictures of the sun setting behind the mountains, with views of the Tohama plains, fertile valleys, and lush fields filled with pomegranate, grape, and fig trees.

As you explore the heritage villages and historical forts of Al-Shafa Mountains, you’ll encounter traditional architecture, including stone doors and windows. These structures provide a glimpse into the past, showcasing the timeless construction techniques of the castles and forts of Al-Shafa Mountains.

3. Arruddaf Park

Aruddaf Park In Taif

Arruddaf Park is a big family park just 10 kilometers from Taif’s city center in Saudi Arabia. People like it because it’s huge and has lots of greenery, and it’s a hit with both locals and tourists.

You’ll find plenty of fun things to do here. There’s a big lake in the middle with a fountain that dances to music and has colorful lights. In the spring, they have these amazing flower festivals where you can see thousands of beautiful flowers all around the park. It’s a great place to hang out with your family and friends.

4. Saysed National Park

Best Places To Visit In Taif

Saysed National Park is a super popular place to visit in Saudi Arabia, known for its natural beauty. It’s northeast of Taif City and is like a nature reserve with cool natural spring water. There are big mountains all around, covered in lush forests, and many open green spaces.

This park is where a bunch of valleys come together, like Wadi Al Arj and Sisud Valley, including the famous Arj Valley. It’s a perfect spot for picnics, camping, hanging out with friends, and family vacations. And if you’ve got little ones, there is this awesome play area with slides and swings where they can have fun for hours.

5. Shubra Palace

Shubra Palace In Taif

Shubra Palace in Taif, Saudi Arabia, is a grand place located on Shubra Street, one of the city’s main roads. This palace used to be the summer residence for royalty. Another palace inspires its name in Cairo, Egypt.

Originally, the building was just two stories high and was constructed in 1858. However, in 1905, it underwent some renovations and added two more floors. Inside, there are over a hundred rooms, and they use fancy Italian marble for several entrances. The windows and balconies have beautiful wooden patterns, and the corridors and ceilings follow Islamic architecture. On top of that, the palace’s roof has elements of Roman architecture.

Shubra Palace is a treasure trove of history and art. It holds ancient artifacts from the early Islamic era like gemstones, precious jewels, silver and gold coins, seals, locks, household items, and old weapons such as swords, spears, and shields. It’s a place where you can admire stunning architecture and explore fascinating relics from the past.

6. King Fahad Park

Best Places To Visit In Taif King Fahad Park

King Fahad Park is enormous, covering a whopping 100 hectares, and it’s believed to be the biggest park in all of Saudi Arabia. This place is like a green paradise with over a hundred different types of trees, bushes, and plants.

When you visit, you can unwind by the man-made lagoons, pools, artificial lakes, waterfalls, and fountains that are scattered throughout this lovely park. If you’re an adventure enthusiast, there’s even an amusement park inside with 25 rides that are sure to get your adrenaline pumping. It’s a great spot to have a blast and enjoy the beauty of nature.

7. Rashed AlQurashi Factory

Rashed Alqurashi Factory In Taif

One of the most amazing experiences you can have is visiting the famous Taif rose products factory. It’s like going on an incredible journey of discovery. Imagine being in a garden surrounded by rose bushes, with fountains and lovely paths adorned with rustic designs. That’s what you’ll find at Rashed Al Qurashi Factory in Alhada.

You can sit in this wonderful garden, sip your favorite drink, and soak in the fantastic atmosphere. Plus, you’ll go on a fun tour and learn all sorts of interesting things about how they make their products step by step. After the tour, you can pick out special Taif rose products like soap, rose water, and rose oil from a store right next to the factory. These make for the most beautiful souvenirs from the city of beauty and roses.

8. Al Shareef Museum

Al Shareef Museum In Taif

One of the biggest museums in Saudi Arabia is the Al-Shareef Heritage Museum in Taif. It’s a massive place, covering about 6,500 square meters, and it’s like a historic window into the lives of the people who used to live in traditional Taif. The museum has kept its old-style look and even has fancy wooden gates.

When you visit, you’ll get to see all sorts of cool stuff from the past. They have an auto gallery with really unique old cars, and there’s an exhibit with traditional weapons used for special celebrations in Taif. You can also check out the kitchen tools that Taif women used, their clothes, and jewelry. As you explore, you’ll step back in time as you enter old-style living rooms that show how people used to live simply.

Don’t forget to take a look at the section with historical manuscripts, where you can get to know Arabic calligraphy art. It’s like taking a journey through the past.

9. Daka Mountain

Daka Mountain In Taif

Daka Mountain is about 25 kilometers southwest of Taif. It’s part of the Hijaz mountains and stands at around 2,050 meters above sea level. The area around it has a few special country resorts, and there’s even a park with a trail for mountain climbing. If you want to have a camping trip with your friends and enjoy the beautiful nature, this is a great place to do it. You won’t have any trouble getting there because there are good roads.

And here’s something cool for safari lovers and folks who enjoy spending time in nature. You can go on trip that starts in the highlands of the Al Sarawat Mountains and go all the way to the coast of the Red Sea. This adventure takes you through forests, mountains, and plains, and you’ll come across Al Muhamadiyah Road near Daka Mountain, which has some stunning views along the way. It’s a unique experience for sure!

10. Jabra Historical Palace

Jabra Palace In Taif

The Jabra Palace is a special place with three floors and a grand entrance. It’s located in one of the prettiest orchards in Taif. This palace was built during the time of King Abdulaziz bin Abdul Rahman Al Saud in 1362 AH / 1943 AD. Back then, it was used as a place to welcome and host guests.

The orchards around Jabra stretch along Wej valley, which is one of the most famous valleys in Taif. When you visit the palace, you’ll get to see how hosting offices were designed back in those days. There are cool things like arches, big columns, and windows that look out onto the palace square. The palace has all sorts of different architectural designs, and it has a strong Hijazi style with special inscriptions.

The palace is painted in bright colors like blue and green, and that’s because it’s surrounded by nature. There’s a big water fountain right in the middle of the courtyard, and lots of different trees all around. It’s a really lovely place to explore!