Al-Ula Saudi Arabia Guide

Among one of the most essential provinces, there is Al-Ula Saudi Arabia where you can discover the first site of the kingdom classified as a UNESCO world heritage site. We set off to discover this incredible place that is still preserved and unknown to mass tourism: open your eyes, it’s worth the detour!




This is the visit to do if you pass through AlUla . The Hegra site, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is none other than the extension of Petra in Jordan with its Nabataean temples.
You will only be able to visit the site in the presence of a guide . Indeed, the site being preserved, you will not be able to drive alone among the temples and remains of the Nabatean era. 
 You have 2 options: visit the site by bus or aboard an old Range Rover which will make you feel like a real Indiana Jones!
On board, you will be amazed and will never cease to be amazed by the grandeur of the nature that surrounds you. The guides, who are women, will immerse you in the history of the site and the province at that time .

Heritage Range Rover Tour: prices from 700 SAR.
Hegra Tour Bus: prices from 95 SAR.


Alula Old Town

A visit to the old town is also another unmissable place in the heart of which absolutely charming and equally delicious little cafes and restaurants are starting to open . The old town is divided into two parts:
– The old town and the souk , where various artistic events are organized throughout the year, mainly from October to May.
– The ruins: currently being renovated, the ruins of the old town will transport you to the era of this people full of mystery. Part of the Dar Tantora hotel, currently under construction, will invest a part of the old town by completely transforming its remains while maintaining an eco-responsible approach.


Alula Oasis

The oasis is located in the heart of the old town. You will be able to wander around without hassle on foot, as well as with a stroller for adventurous families. Some hotel establishments in AlUla province use exclusively products from local agriculture and the surrounding oases, which reflects the site’s main concern: being ecologically responsible while offering high-end service to its visitors .
Indeed, the oasis of the AlUla valley is a haven of freshness renowned for its date palms, its fragrant citrus fruits , as well as its crops of wheat, barley, olives, figs and oats.

Price: from 35 SAR.
There are also other oases located throughout the Province. More info here .


Elephant Rock Alula

A second legend of the province of AlUla is none other than the very famous “Elephant Rock” which indeed indeed resembles our Elephant friends. “Elephant Rock”, with a height of 52 meters, offers a geomorphological landscape of incredible beauty, with mountainous reliefs in the background.
It is interesting to venture a little higher into the dunes to get an overview of the heights. Ideal if you have a 4×4.

Price: free.


Marya Museum

Maraya, meaning “mirror” or “reflection” in Arabic, is a stunning work of art located in the desert canyon of the Ashar Valley . Designed to blend into the surrounding landscape, it emerges from the sand like a mirage. This state-of-the-art structure is covered in 9,740 mirrored panels that reflect the beauty of AlUla, making it the largest mirrored building in the world, according to Guinness World Records.
Maraya is the centerpiece of AlUla’s cultural scene , hosting concerts and artistic performances throughout the year. Prices vary depending on the events and exhibitions offered.


Harrat Alula

Located at 1,744 meters above sea level, Mount Harrat Rahat is a volcanic field, hence the very dark rock present over a fairly large area. The region has more than 500 volcanoes, and has been the most active volcanic area on the Arabian Peninsula  for the past ten million years. The most recent documented eruption took place in 1256.

In order to access this viewpoint, it is essential to have a car available. The winding road is impressive and dominates the entire valley . Highlight of the show recommended by the editorial staff: the view from the Greek restaurant / Okto bar for lunch or a drink at sunset.


Alula At Night

Visiting the AlUla desert in the middle of the day is incredible. But when night falls, the real magic happens, revealing a starry sky of breathtaking beauty. The absence of light pollution allows you to admire a clear and crystalline sky.

Visits are organized with guides offering you the opportunity to observe the stars or take exceptional photos for a memory engraved forever in your mind.

Price: from 330SAR.


Whether you’re looking for authentic local specialties, fine international cuisine, or unique dining experiences, AlUla offers a variety of choices for everybody. Here are some of the best restaurants in the area, where you can enjoy exquisite dishes while soaking up the charming ambiance of AlUla. Be careful in high season, it is best to book.


Somewhere Alula Restaurant

A unique setting in the heart of an oasis, right in the middle of the old town: a change of scenery guaranteed at Somewhere! The menu offers a wide choice of revisited Arabic dishes- an exotic culinary experience.
Location: Somewhere, AlUla Oldtown
Hours: Open daily from 4 p.m. to midnight.
Info and reservations: +966 9200 24788
Instagram: @somewhere

Asfar Experience

Asfar Alula

This restaurant offers a unique menu created by Saudi chef Nawal AlKhawali , highlighting fresh products exclusively from the province’s oases .
We tested camel meat, a delicious discovery! Installed in the Dar Tantora hotel, you will be warmly welcomed by the charming manager Maria, of Andalusian origin, who will introduce you to the history of the establishment during a private tour.
The restaurant, located outside on the “rooftop”, offers a breathtaking view of the old town and the oasis , for an extraordinary exotic experience.
Location: Asfar Experience, Dar Tantora Old Town AlUla
Hours: Open every day 7 p.m. to 12 a.m.
Info and reservations: +966 53 540 3032;
Instagram: @asfar.experience

The Heart of Oasis

Heart Of Oasis Restaurant

The restaurant’s menu highlights the Slow Food movement and takes a modern approach to the Farm to Fork concept , showcasing local ingredients cooked authentically. After a walk in the heart of the oasis, you can also refresh yourself by sipping a delicious fresh juice.
Location: Heart of Oasis, AlUla Oasis Oldtown
Hours: Open daily from 4 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.
Info and reservations: +966 59 012 8840;  theheartoftheoasis
Instagram: @heartofoasis

Habital AlUla

Habital Alula

Located in the Habitas AlUla eco-resort , Tama means “Here and Now” in Aramaic. The restaurant offers delicious fusion cuisine from the world and the Middle East . You can be served both indoors and outdoors by the sumptuous swimming pool.
Location: Tama, Habitas AlUla
Hours: Open every day from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m. (breakfast), from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. (lunch), from 6 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. (dinner).
Info and reservations: +966 14 821 3900;
Instagram: @habitasalula


Acme Alula

Located in the heart of the old town, you will have to fall for the burgers that have become essential at ACME.
Location: ACME, Oldtown AlUla
Hours: Open every day from 12 p.m. to 1:30 a.m.
Info and reservations: +966 92 002 7242

Circolo Pizza

Circolo Pizza Alula

Circolo Pizza is an authentic Italian restaurant where you can enjoy artisanal pizzas straight from the wood-fired oven . Open for lunch and dinner, Circolo Pizza uses local ingredients to serve dishes like citrus risotto and citrus and fried goat cheese salad with blood orange vinaigrette.
Location: Circolo Pizza, AlJadidah district , on Oasis Square
Hours: Open every day from 12:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.
Info and reservations: +966 53 335 3201

Tawlet Fayza

Tawlet Fayza Alula

Tawlet Fayza which translates to “Fayza’s Table” is a cozy place in AlUla Al Jadidah. The story of the restaurant is that of Fayza, born in AlUla, returned to Saudi Arabia after moving to France, opened a restaurant serving dishes using fresh ingredients from AlUla Province.
Location: Tawlet Fayza, AlUla Oasis
Hours: Open every day from 1 p.m. to midnight.
Info and reservations: +966 56 972 7978

Instagram: @tawlat.fayza


Suhail Alula

Traditional Saudi cuisine with a modern fusion touch.
Location: Suhail Old Town , AlUla Old Town
Hours: Open every day from 9 a.m. to 2 a.m.
Info and reservations: +966 92 000 2690;
Instagram: @suhail_saudi

Myazu Saudi

Myazu Saudi

Japanese Cuisine in the Heart of AlUla: Grab your chopsticks and savor smoky, sweet, spicy and vibrant flavors at Shaden Resort. You can also enjoy DJ performances every Thursday and Friday evening.
Location: Myazu AlUla, Shaden Resort
Hours: Open Sunday to Tuesday from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. and Wednesday to Saturday from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m.
Info and reservations:
Instagram: @myazusaudi

Best Places To Stay

The hotel offering in the magnificent unspoilt province of AlUla is distinguished by its intimate and exclusive character. Visitors looking for a luxurious stay will be delighted by the few hotel complexes that dot the region. These establishments, concerned about the environment, make a point of offering eco-responsible solutions, in perfect harmony with the natural setting of AlUla.

For an immersion in the local culture, it is also possible to stay with locals, or even camp on farms , allowing you to get closer to nature.

Our Habitas AlUla

Our Habitas Alula

A pioneer in sustainable hospitality, Habitas brings luxury to AlUla while respecting the environment . Nestled in an ancient oasis amid the desert canyons of the Ashar Valley, you’ll be surrounded by sandstone cliffs and palm groves. The hotel has 96 bungalows divided into three categories: premium Celestial Villas, Alcove Villas and Canyon Villas. You can travel by buggy, electric bike or on foot for long walks .

The yoga deck, the Thuraya spa, the Tama restaurant and finally the spectacular swimming pool are an integral part of the hotel. Indeed, each of these spaces is built from ethically sourced organic materials that integrate perfectly with the natural environment. Magical awakening and a change of scenery guaranteed.
Price: from 1,960 SAR/night (breakfast not included).
Find out more: @habitasalula
Book: Habitas AlUla

Caravan by Habitas

Caravan By Habitas

Caravan by Habitas is an immersive, off-the-beaten-path experience , designed for adventurers seeking surprises, human connection, or total disconnection (depending on the angle of your Saudi getaway). Made up of 22 luxury Airstream caravans, Caravan by Habitas offers a unique experience . Each caravan offers stunning views of the valley and is equipped with a private outdoor terrace, air conditioning, WiFi, a queen-size bed (or two single beds), an indoor living room, a kitchenette and a bathroom. Prepare for a total change of scenery!
Please note that the property is closed for the summer season, from May 20 to September 30 .
Price: from 1,700AED/night (breakfast included via but check with the hotel).
Find out more: @habitascaravanalula
Book: Caravan by Habitas

Banyan Tree AlUla

Banyan Tree Alula

Situated in the magical setting of AlUla’s Ashar Valley, right next to Habitas Hotel, Banyan Tree Hotel’s brand new villa complex offers a zen desert retreat . In this enchanting space, guests can enjoy breathtaking views of the Ashar Valley from the privacy of one of the 47 tented villas . Banyan Tree AlUla advocates for sustainability, connection and well-being as a path to living well. The hotel is known for its “infinity pool” directly built into the rock: incredibly magical!
Price: from 2,144 SAR/night (breakfast not included).
Learn more: @banyantree.alula
Book: Banyan Tree Alula

26°North AlUla

26°North Alula

Nestled between spectacular wind-shaped sandstone cliffs and rows of palm and fruit trees, 26° North offers glampers the most magical of desert homes.
Each of the 16 spacious tents (designed for two people) at this luxury campsite offers breathtaking views of the surrounding valley from the wooden terraces . The tents are accompanied by adjoining wooden cabins, offering private showers and hot water, blending seamlessly into their natural surroundings without compromising the surrounding beauty.
Please note that this property does not accept children under 12 , ensuring a peaceful and serene experience for its guests. The establishment is closed from May to October.
Prices and reservations on request. Call the hotel directly: +966 55 220 2721.
Find out more: @26north_alula

Please note that supply is limited and prices are high, so we recommend that you reserve your accommodation well in advance. For more accommodation options: HERE

Accommodations in AlUla offer a unique experience where luxury blends harmoniously with the surrounding nature.

GOOD TO KNOW- Practical Information

Alula Saudi Arabia

•What is the best time to visit?
The ideal season to visit AlUla in the best conditions is from October to May.

• AlUla with children?
All activities can be done with children. However, we do not recommend going to AlUla with a newborn, unless you want to enjoy your hotel and stay there.

• How to get to AlUla?
From Riyadh:
Direct flights from Riyadh with Saudi Airlines, Flynas or KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
*Prices from 450AED. Prices vary depending on the day of the week and the season.

From Jeddah:
Direct flights from Jeddah with Saudi Airlines
*Prices from 493AED. Prices vary depending on the day of the week and the season.

From Dubai:
Direct flights from Dubai with Fly Dubai, Emirates and Flynas.
* Prices start from 600AED. Prices vary depending on the day of the week and the season.

In order to be free to move around, the best is to rent a car at AlUla airport.

The hotels also organize shuttles to the airport as well as to the various tourist places. This is a paid service. You can also use an agency who will find you a car with driver.