Best Hammams In Marrakech

If you’re visiting Morocco and planning to visit Marrakech, what could be more relaxing than spending some time in one of its many hammams?

Experiencing a hammam in Marrakech is a must-do for anyone looking to immerse themselves in a tradition that dates back to ancient times. Check out our complete guide to the best hammams in Marrakech.

History of hammams and Turkish baths in Marrakech

Turkish Bath

The term “hammam” translates to “hot water bath” in Arabic, tracing its roots back to the Roman baths. The Roman expansion into the Mediterranean introduced the concept to the ancestors of what is now Morocco. After the Roman Empire fell, the local people kept the bathing tradition alive, adapting it to new influences.

The 7th century brought the Arab conquest of the region, leading to the transformation of Roman baths into “Moorish baths,” and eventually, these evolved into what is known as Turkish baths. There’s a key distinction between the Roman and Arab practices: Romans would cool off in a cold water pool after heating up, while the Arabs preferred the use of water jets for cooling, considered to be more hygienic.

Turkish baths have been a significant aspect of Marrakech’s culture and history since the city was founded, embodying both Roman and Arab influences and are spread throughout the city.

My advice for visiting the hammams and baths of Marrakech

Best Hammams In Marrakech

Accessibility for men and women

When it comes to Turkish baths in Marrakech, finding ones that welcome both men and women together is rare. They’re mostly in big hotels and can be pricey.

So, in Marrakech’s hammams, men and women have separate times or areas. Sometimes, there’s a day just for women, and less often, for men. Some are only for women or only for men.

Make sure to check when they’re open for men or women before you go. They’re strict about this.


In hammams, people usually go without clothes, like in saunas, to help clean the body. You might get a towel, but not always. Some people might wear swimsuits, and others might not.

Heat and humidity

Hammams are warm but not as hot as saunas (about 55°C with 100% humidity), making you sweat a lot and breathe heavily. If it’s your first time, try to stay only about five minutes to adjust.

Also, don’t drink alcohol before going in because it’s not good for your heart in that heat. But having water close by is a smart move!

The scrub

Ending your hammam visit with a shower using black soap and scrub is key. Since your skin’s pores are open, it helps get rid of dead skin and toxins.

You can choose from different types of scrubs: just for your face, a specific body part, or your whole body. It’s all up to you!

Location in the city

Most Turkish baths in Marrakech are found either within or close to the Medina, the historical part of the city. Some are in the Hivernage area, known for its large hotels.

The less famous ones are in the outskirts, like Camp El Ghoul or Kasbah, where fewer tourists go.

Which one to choose: local or touristy

Hammams popular with tourists often get crowded and might feel less authentic. The more hidden ones give a local vibe, and you might be the only foreign visitor there!

To spot a local hammam, look for a pile of wood and a fire at the bottom of some stairs – that’s how they heat the water.

So, think about what kind of hammam experience you’re looking for before you decide.

The best hammams in Marrakech


Mouassine Hammam In Marrakech

Photo credit: Facebook – Hammam Mouassine

Location: Rue Sidi el Yamani – 40,000 Marrakech
Rating: ★★★★
Good to know: Plan a half day in this hammam which is the oldest in the city

Mouassine, opening back in 1572, stands as the oldest hammam in Marrakech. Even with lots of updates inside, it still feels like the original Turkish baths from the 1500s. It’s a go-to spot for locals.

Make sure to set aside some time to experience this centuries-old tradition. Enjoy the classic hammam, and maybe go for a scrub or massage while you’re there.


Essalama Hammam Marrakech

Location: Boulevard Prince Moulay Abdellah – 40,000 Marrakech
Rating: ★★★★
Good to know: Allow half a day to enjoy this hammam, which is rarely visited by tourists

Right near the Majorelle Garden, Essalama stands out as a favorite hammam among Marrakech locals. If you’re looking to dodge the tourist crowds, this Turkish bath is your spot!

Inside, you’ll find a smart blend of the new and the old. While it might not hold the ancient charm of Mouassine, Essalama still offers a wonderful setting for relaxation. Plus, guests often highlight the excellent scrubs done by the staff.

Les Bains De Marrakech

Les Bains De Marrakech

 Location: 2 Derb Sedra – 40000, Morocco
 Rating: ★★★★
 Good to know: You can enjoy this hammam for a whole day if you wish

In Marrakech, you’ve got two kinds of hammams: the old-school traditional ones and the modern spa types. Les Bains De Marrakech is all about the spa experience, making it the go-to spa/hammam in the city, even boasting a swimming pool.

This spot is in the Kasbah area and is super welcoming, especially to folks from out of town. With a contemporary look, it’s designed for visitors who maybe aren’t looking for that authentic local vibe. It’s a hit with people wanting to chill out for the day in a place that draws in travelers from all over. It’s a good idea to make a reservation.

Hammam de La Rose

Hammam De La Rose

 Location: Route Sidi Abdelaziz – 40000 Marrakech
 Rating: ★★★★
Good to know: This spa is renowned for retaining traditional influences

Hammam de la Rose stands out in Marrakech as a rare find that mixes old-school hammam vibes with the luxury of a spa. It takes inspiration from the historic baths of the Ottoman era but keeps up with the expectations of modern spa-goers.

This place is perfect for those who appreciate the beauty of traditional designs but also want a service familiar with handling tourists. Don’t forget to book your spot early, especially during the busy seasons.

Les Bains D’Orient

Les Bains D'Orient Marrakech

 Location: 214 rue Arset Aouzal – 40 030 Marrakech
 Rating: ★★★★★
Good to know: Les Bains d’Orient is the best-rated hammam among visitors

For those who lean on ratings to make a choice, there’s a spa among Marrakech’s hammams that stands out based on over 200 reviews. While it’s not to say it’s the absolute best, this spa shines for its quality, spotless cleanliness, and professionalism.

Plus, it’s among the rare Turkish baths in Marrakech that offer the convenience of booking and paying online.

Les Bains de Azahara

Les Bains De Azahara

 Location: Rue Lalla Fatima Zahra, Derb Ezzaouiya Nº1 – 40,000 Marrakech
 Rating: ★★★★
Good to know: This hammam offers “local” touches that others usually don’t have

To most people, all hammams might seem identical, providing similar services. However, aficionados will notice something special about Les Bains de Azahara in Marrakech. It stands out as a genuine Moroccan hammam, sprinkled with unique local elements not found as often elsewhere.

For instance, it features Moroccan baths infused with mint, rose petals, and other unique touches that you might not find in other places.

Rosa Bonheur

Rosa Bonheur

 Location: 35 Derb El Aarssa – 40,000 Marrakech
 Rating: ★★★★★
 Good to know: You will have the possibility to eat on-site

Hammam Rosa Bonheur is one of the best Turkish baths in Marrakech. Located very close to the Bahia Palace, this hammam is also one of the rare ones to have a real restaurant!

Dar el-Bacha

Dar El-Bacha

 Location: 20 rue Lalla Fatima Zahra – 40,000 Marrakech
 Rating: ★★★★
Good to know: The amazing architecture of Dar el-Bacha is a real added value

Among the hammams in Marrakech, the Dar el-Bacha is undoubtedly one of those with the most beautiful architecture which dazzles us at first glance.

It is also a local public hammam, not frequented by many tourists. Great spot for those who want to be far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Royal Mansour Hammam

Royal Mansour Hammam

 Location: Abou Abbas El Sebti Royal Mansour, 40000 Marrakech
 Rating: ★★★★★
Good to know: Located in a luxury hotel, the services offered here are unrivaled

Royal Mansour Hammam it’s among the highest-rated hammams in Marrakech. We highlight it, especially for those looking to indulge in a day of luxury.

This hammam is nestled within a luxury hotel, with upscale services. The ambiance is luxurious, from the consistently warm marble floors to the attention to detail in every nook, complemented by premium products and exceptional staff. A swimming pool adds to the allure.

In essence, it’s almost perfection, but such quality comes with a cost.

Booking in advance is essential if you hope to experience this hammam!

Le Bain Bleu

Le Bain Bleu

 Location: 32 Derb Chorfa Lakbir – 40 008 Marrakech
 Rating: ★★★★
Good to know: High-end, Bain Bleu remains accessible

Although it is not as luxurious as the Mansour Spa, Le Bain Bleu is nevertheless one of the most upscale hammams in Marrakech.

Its great advantage is to offer great services at a fairly affordable price! Here, unlike other hammams, you can plan a full day to take care of yourself.

How much does a ticket for a hammam or Turkish bath cost in Marrakech?

For public hammams, the hammam/scrub combo costs around 150 dirhams (€13.50), 200 dirhams (€18) if you add henna. Some of these hammams allow you to only pay for the steam bath, generally less than 100 dirhams (€9). Keep in mind that you often have to bring your towel or, more rarely, your soap and glove.

For spas and Le Bain Bleu, the same services cost between 200 dirhams and 450 dirhams (€41), up to 800 (€74) for massages, not always offered in public hammams.

Finally, the Royal Mansour is special: between 1,400 dirhams (€129) to 3,200 dirhams (€296), from hammam/scrub to massage included.