Best Restaurants In Riyadh

Choosing where to eat in Riyadh can be a tough decision, especially with so many great restaurants and , each offering something unique. Whether you’re planning to dine out with friends or looking for a special meal, finding the right restaurant that fits your taste and mood is important. We’re here to help guide you to some of the best restaurants in Riyadh, ensuring that every meal you have is special and enjoyable.


Best Restaurants In Riyadh Porterhouse

Porter House, situated in the dynamic Olaya district, offers a variety of delectable meat dishes to satisfy all preferences. The restaurant seamlessly merges the classic ambiance of New York steakhouses with the contemporary décor trends of Riyadh. Guests can enjoy their grilled specialties served on elegant wooden boards, complementing the leather chairs, cozy wooden tables, and attractive lighting that define the restaurant’s interior.

Porter House takes pride in its entirely Saudi staff and its selection of steaks, imported from some of the most distinguished livestock markets globally. The restaurant features a unique aspect where customers can personally select their desired steaks from a large refrigerator located in the reception corridor.

Prince Muhammad Ibn Abd Al Aziz, Al Olaya, Riyadh 12313 |

2. Yauatcha Riyadh

Best Restaurants In Riyadh

Yauatcha Restaurant, managed by the same expert team as the renowned Hakkasan Restaurant, stands out for its exceptional dim sum, prepared by a team with extensive experience and distinguished knowledge of Asian cuisine. The restaurant is located on the second floor of MOD Al Faisaliah Shopping Center in Riyadh, surrounded by various luxury brand stores.

The interior of Yauatcha is designed to be simple yet comfortable, and its outdoor terrace offers a splendid view of the city, making it a perfect spot to enjoy a cup of jasmine tea and some of the finest appetizers. The menu is abundant with choices, especially focusing on dim sum and shareable dishes, ideal for enjoying with family and friends. Noteworthy items include scallops, shui mai, har gow with shrimp, and the chang fan dish featuring shrimp with tofu.

In addition to the food, Yauatcha offers innovative and refreshing mocktails. For tea enthusiasts, there are numerous delightful options to choose from. Dining at Yauatcha promises to be an unforgettable culinary experience.

Mode Al Faisaliah, Olaya District, Prince Sultan Street, Riyadh 11433 |

3. Maharaja East by Vineet

Best Restaurants In Riyadh Maharaja East

Maharaja East Restaurant, overseen by the renowned Chef Vineet Bhatia, promises a wonderful dining experience by all standards. The menu at Maharaja Al Sharq highlights local ingredients and combines traditional cooking methods with a modern approach. This fusion creates unique flavors and a special blend of spices.

The restaurant caters to everyone, whether you’re a meat lover or a vegetarian. It offers a broad range of classic Indian dishes, including tandoori grills, curries, biryanis, and other favorites. Additionally, you can enjoy fresh bread and tasty desserts. It’s a place where all tastes can find something delightful.

Tahlia Road, Prince Mohammed 5, Riyadh 11492 |

4. Roka

Best Restaurants In Riyadh Roka

Roka Restaurant in Riyadh is widely recognized for its popularity and success. The bustling waiters, constantly moving back and forth with a variety of dishes, reflect the restaurant’s busy atmosphere. These dishes, ranging from appetizers to salads and main courses, are all meant for sharing.

Roka’s reputation is well-deserved, as it’s part of the globally renowned Roka chain known for its outstanding sushi, grilled delicacies, and inventive desserts. The Riyadh branch lives up to this fame. The restaurant’s special dishes are the result of extensive experimentation and preparation, evident even in the simplest items that reveal intricate details contributing to their excellence.

In summary, Roca Restaurant stands out for its remarkable dining experience, marked by a dimly lit, inviting dining hall and a menu that consistently impresses.

5140 Prince Muhammad Bin Abdulaziz Rd As Sulimaniyah, Riyadh |


Best Restaurants In Riyadh Coya

Coya Restaurant in Riyadh, a relatively new addition in Sulaymaniyah, has quickly become a popular destination. It stands out with its Aztec-inspired decor, featuring vibrant colors and a llama logo on each table. The terrace is a perfect spot for outdoor seating in good weather, while the indoor lounge offers a charming setting with beautiful decor, including chandeliers and lush plants.

The menu at Coya is filled with a variety of tasty Peruvian dishes that showcase rich Latin flavors. It specializes in tapas and shareable plates.

 8710 Prince Abdulaziz Ibn Musaid Ibn Jalawi St, As Sulimaniyah, 4237, Riyadh |

6. Lusin

Best Restaurants In Riyadh Lusin

Lusin Restaurant in Riyadh, the first Armenian restaurant in the city, is a must-visit for anyone craving delicious Armenian cuisine in an elegant and beautifully detailed setting. Known for its tasty dishes and unique flavors, the restaurant’s highlights include its famous eggplant rolls, fried kibbeh, and stuffed lamb. The shrimp platter, noted for its crispy exterior and served with a delectable purple cherry sauce, is also not to be missed. Additionally, the menu offers a selection of distinctive desserts, like the visually appealing and tasty rose ice cream with cotton candy.

Prince Muhammad Bin Abdulaziz Rd Centria Mall 2nd floor , intersection with Tahlya St, Riyadh |

7. Buttermilk

Best Restaurants In Riyadh

When visiting Buttermilk near the Northern Ring Road, be sure to come hungry. This local spot offers a delightful American dining experience with excellent service and a relaxed vibe. The restaurant spread across two floors, feels like stepping into a charming, Instagram-worthy home, complete with wooden seating areas, tables, and beautiful artwork.

Buttermilk specializes in Southern cuisine from the United States, preparing its dishes with many authentic ingredients. The menu features tasty American classics, ranging from Louisiana steak sandwiches to fried tomatoes and corn chowder. Among the most popular dishes with patrons are their burgers and the chicken and waffle combination.

2154 Abdulwahid Ibn Ahmad, An Nakheel, Riyadh 12385 |

8. Suhail

Best Restaurants In Riyadh

Suhail Restaurant in Riyadh, known for its exquisite Saudi cuisine, stands out as a luxurious dining destination. It demonstrates that local cuisine is not only rich in innovation and flavors but also rivals high-end international restaurants in the capital. Named after the Sohail star, one of the brightest in the sky, Suhail aims to blend traditional dishes with modern elements in a beautifully decorated and elegant setting.

The menu at Suhail offers a mix of innovative and traditional dishes. While the food is the main attraction, the restaurant’s interior and outdoor terrace are also noteworthy. The interior features hollow wooden wall designs that remind one of the historic AlUla area, creating a cave-like ambiance for more private dining within the spacious hall. The outdoor balcony, set away from the noise of the main road, is adorned with sparkling lights and surrounded by a network of elegant water canyons, adding to the restaurant’s allure.

Diyafa Plaza, Northern Ring Branch Road |

9. Najd Village

Best Restaurants In Riyadh

If you’re searching for a top-notch restaurant in Riyadh that showcases local cuisine with genuine Saudi hospitality, then Najdi Village is the place to go. Renowned as one of the best and most popular Arabic restaurants in Riyadh, it stands out for its ambiance and array of delicious Arabic dishes. Offering a broad selection of appetizers and meals, Najdi Village celebrates the traditional flavors of the Najd region, known for its dates, wheat, and dairy products.

The restaurant’s menu is rooted in authentic ingredients, providing a distinctive Saudi dining experience. From liver, matazeez, and marqooq to saliq, kabsa, and badia, visitors are guaranteed a true taste of Najdi culture

Sharie Altakhsusii, Al Olaya, Riyadh 12331 Saudi Arabia |

10. Takya

Best Restaurants In Riyadh

Renowned as one of the top restaurants in Riyadh specializing in Saudi cuisine, Takya Restaurant skillfully blends traditional dishes with modern twists, showcasing creativity and innovation. A perfect example of their culinary art is the Shrimp Mufafaliq dish. This dish artfully combines groats, grilled shrimp, peas, peppers, and olives, all brought together with a spicy lemon garlic sauce, creating a harmonious and delightful flavor experience.

 7297 King Faisal Rd, Al Bujairi, Riyadh 13711 |