Best Shawarma In Cairo

Let’s dive into Cairo’s bustling streets to explore the world of shawarma! A city famed for its rich flavors, Cairo offers a myriad of spots serving this beloved, spiced, grilled delight. Join us on a flavorful journey, exploring from cozy street corners to elegant restaurants, to uncover 8 top places with the best shawarma in Cairo!

1. Shawerma Empire

Best Shawarma In Cairo In Shawerma Empire

Step into Shawerma Empire Restaurant, your go-to spot for a delightful array of sandwiches, shawarma, and quick bites. Savor the rich flavors of their standout dishes, including the uniquely Egyptian meat shawarma and the scrumptious Empire fries, a tempting mix of mashed potatoes and spices. Choose from a variety of shawarma options, whether it’s chicken or meat, or indulge in a plate of their special shawarma fatteh, available in meat, chicken, or a mix. Don’t forget to pair your meal with their smooth tahini, zesty garlic dip, and crisp pickled cucumbers!

Tivoli Plaza, Omar Ibn El-Khattab, St, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate 4451810, Egypt

2. Kazdora Restaurant

Best Shawarma In Cairo In Kazdora

Kazdora Restaurant is your destination for a taste of Lebanese cuisine. They serve a variety of tasty soups like cream of chicken and mushroom soup, and salads like Beiruti fattoush and tabbouleh. Enjoy their cold appetizers, including marinated olives and tahini, or try hot items like spicy moussaka with feta cheese or beef liver. Shawarma lovers can choose from mini chicken or meat shawarma and gourmet sandwiches. They also offer savory pastries like baalbekia safiha and halloumi cheese safiha, along with side dishes like fresh or grilled vegetables to complement your meal.

Al Tahrir Axis, New Cairo 1, Cairo Governorate 4741301 |

3. Khairat Al-Sham

Best Shawarma In Cairo In Khairat Al-Sham

Khairat Al-Sham Restaurant, known for its Levantine cuisine, shawarma, and grills, has multiple locations and offers a range of delicious dishes. Some of the top picks include chicken shawarma sandwiches and fattah. They also serve various shawarma sandwiches, savings meals, and sandwiches like shish tawook and paneer chicken. Salad options include tabbouleh and fattoush, while appetizers range from cold options like ground chickpeas and baba ghanoush to hot items like French fries and basmati rice. Additionally, they offer fattah with choices like chicken shawarma and shish tawook, all served with pickles and your choice of garlic dip or hummus.

Fifth Settlement, Street 90, Banks Mall, Point 106,Cairo |

4. Broccar Restaurant

Best Shawarma In Cairo In Broccar

Broccar Restaurant, with various branches, offers a blend of Levantine cuisine along with chicken and grilled meats. Highlighted dishes include chicken shawarma and shish tawook sandwiches, complemented by a variety of soups like orzo and lentils. Salad options like fattoush and tabbouleh, cold appetizers such as hummus and grape leaves, and hot appetizers like grilled kibbeh are available. They also serve pizzas with toppings like chicken shawarma and soujouk, and tagines like shish tawook with vegetables. Additionally, they offer plates of meat with tomatoes or yogurt, manakish with different toppings like fajita and thyme, and various ouzi and soiree dishes, such as chicken soiree and soiree sausage.

New Cairo 1, Cairo Governorate 4735520, Egypt |

5. Anas Al Demshky

Best Shawarma In Cairo In Anas Al Demshky

Try their creamy Hummus, flavorful Chicken Shawarma, and special, spice-filled Chicken Tagine. Each bite is a treat, offering you a simple yet delicious food experience. Come and explore these yummy options !

Nozha Street Heliopolis, Cairo 00202 Egypt , Concord Plaza, 90th Street, Fifth Settlement Concord PlazaNew Cairo |

6. Caizo

Best Shawarma In Cairo In Caizo

Caizo is a great choice for shawarma, especially chicken, and hawawshi. They serve their shawarma in a burger bun, not a wrap, and have a really tasty garlic sauce.

Platz, Cairo Governorate 11835,

7. Semsema

Best Shawarma In Cairo In Semsema

Semsema is widely recognized for its irresistible aroma and top-notch Egyptian Meat Shawerma, arguably the best in town. The Shesh Tawook is notably superb and tender, complemented well by their excellent sauces and fries.

Gamal Abdel Nasr Axis, First Section, 6th of October, Al-Ahram Gardens, Al-Ahram Mall, In Front of The Al-Ahram Gardens Club |

8. Abu Haidar

Best Shawarma In Cairo In Abu Haidar

The shawarma here is fantastic, ranking among the best in Cairo. The meat shawarma is notably flavorful. The crowds lingering outside clearly indicate its popularity.

Ibrahim Al-Lakani St. Botrous Ghaly St, Cairo 11511 |