11 Famous Egyptian Fashion Designers You Must Know In 2024

Famous Egyptian Fashion Designers

For a long time, the fashion design scene was dominated by international names and only a handful of Arab designers. However, several talented Egyptian designers have recently broken into the fashion industry, making a name for themselves. Their remarkable skills have even caught the attention of global stars, who now flaunt their signature designs. Let’s […]

5 Best Nile Cruises [2024 Luxury Sailing]

Best Nile Cruises

Explore the cradle of Egyptian civilization along the 6,700 km sacred Nile. Sail on picturesque boats or luxurious ships for a captivating adventure amidst ancient wonders and daily life scenes. Immerse yourself in the authentic world of the river king through these 5 best Nile cruises. 1. In slow travel mode: Nour El Nil The tour: this cruise on […]

10 Best Things To Do In Sharm El-Sheikh [2024]

Things To Do In Sharm El-Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh, as a holiday destination, has a lot of attractions and things to do. You’ll find plenty of opportunities to visit both natural wonders and popular tourist spots in the region. Discover Best Things To Do In Sharm El-Sheikh: 1. Shop at Old Market For an authentic experience in Sharm El-Sheikh, don’t miss […]

Best Egypt Travel Tips: Organize And Prepare For Your Trip To Egypt  [2024]

Egypt Travel Tips

Choosing to visit Egypt independently, without a travel agency or packaged tour, is an adventurous and excellent decision! This choice does mean you’ll need to do some planning, but it’s totally doable—and it’s exactly what I did for my road trip to Egypt. I’m excited to share all the details and experiences from our amazing […]

20 Unmissable Things To Do In Alexandria Egypt [2024]

Things To Do In Alexandria Egypt

Named after Alexander the Great, the amazing city of Alexandria was where Cleopatra ruled. Now, it’s the second-biggest city in Egypt and is well-known for its impressive architecture and beautiful places. It’s a key economic area, housing the famous Great Library of Alexandria and the Pharos Lighthouse, one of the ancient world’s seven wonders. For […]

15 Best Restaurants In Luxor Egypt [2024]

Best Restaurants In Luxor Egypt

Luxor, a bustling hub for tourists, boasts impressive dining options. The local culinary scene will fascinate you as you wander through the vibrant city streets. For those passionate about food, diving into the local Egyptian cuisine offered by Luxor’s restaurants promises a journey through a rich tapestry of flavors. With the guidance provided in our […]

Perfect 3 Days In Cairo Itinerary  [2024]

3 Days In Cairo Itinerary

This perfect 3 days in Cairo itinerary is set to cover all Cairo’s highlights and hidden gems. Since attractions in Cairo are widely spread, expect to use taxis, cars, or public transport multiple times a day. The schedule is packed, but flexible—feel free to adjust it based on your interests, available time, and priorities. This […]

Luxor Egypt Ultimate Guide: Perfect Luxor Itinerary, Must-See Attractions, Tips [2024]

Guide To Luxor Egypt And Perfect Luxor Itinerary

Luxor Egypt, famous for its beautiful temples and tombs, was the religious center for ancient pharaohs and is a must-see in Egypt. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the country’s top attractions. Located 500 kilometers south of Cairo, between the desert and the Nile’s green shores, Luxor showcases some of Egypt’s most […]

12 Best Things To Buy In Egypt + Tips [2024]

Best Things To Buy In Egypt

Egypt is a great destination for shoppers, with its bustling city markets full of unique local items. The Khalili market, situated in an ancient Cairo neighborhood, stands out as the most famous. Wander through its narrow alleys to discover stalls filled with traditional shishas, poufs, rugs, ceramics, paintings, perfumes, and a wide range of clothing. […]