10 Best Things To Do In Sharm El-Sheikh [2023]

Things To Do In Sharm El-sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh, as a holiday destination, boasts a plethora of attractions and things to do. You’ll find plenty of opportunities to visit both natural wonders and popular tourist spots in the region. Discover Best Things To Do In Sharm El-Sheikh: 1. Shop at Old Market For an authentic experience in Sharm El-Sheikh, don’t miss […]

10 Best Places to Visit in Egypt for Unforgettable Experience [2023]

Best Places to Visit in Egypt

Egypt is one of those destinations that never disappoint. With a rich and fascinating history, the country is a mix of ancient and modern wonders that amaze any traveler. From the Pyramids of Giza to the Karnak Temple, there are thousands of must-see places to explore. This destination has a lot to offer, from the well-known sites to the most remote places. It is […]

10 Best Cafes in Zamalek, Cairo [2023]

Best Cafes in Zamalek

Want a nice place to drink coffee and relax? Zamalek is a great neighborhood for that. The cafes here are usually small, cozy, and away from the busy crowds. Here’s a list of our top cafes in Zamalek: some are cool-looking, some have yummy food and coffee, and a few let you sit outside and […]

Discover Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM): A Guide [2023]

Discover Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM): A Guide [2023]

For a long time, people have been talking a lot about the Grand Egyptian Museum in Cairo. It’s a museum that’s been under construction for many years and will become the biggest archaeological museum in the world once it’s done. This museum will keep more than 100,000 Ancient Egyptian objects safe, and it’s going to […]

10 Best Restaurants in Cairo [2023]

Best Restaurants in Cairo

Cairo boasts a lively dining scene that showcases the richness of Egypt’s cuisine and culture. Nowadays, Cairo’s restaurants have expanded their horizons, offering a wide spectrum that ranges from beloved street food classics to upscale fine dining experiences. Additionally, you’ll find elevated international flavors influenced by cuisines like Japanese and Mediterranean, among others. Here’s your […]

Nightlife In Cairo: 10 Best Bars, Pubs & Clubs [2023]

Nightlife In Cairo

In the past, almost all of Cairo’s nightlife was centered on the island of Zamalek. While it’s still a major hub for nightlife, bars and clubs are now opening up all over the city. We’re going to show you a few of our top choices for enjoying Cairo’s local nightlife scene. Discover Nightlife In Cairo: […]

8 Best Alexandria Restaurants [2023]

Best Alexandria Restaurants

If you’re only in Alexandria for a short time and you want to enjoy great food, there are plenty of restaurants to choose from. If you’re more focused on the food itself rather than a view of the sea (although a couple of these places do have sea views), then you should definitely consider these […]

Discover 7 Best seaside resorts in Egypt in 2023

Discover 7 Best seaside resorts in Egypt in 2023

Egypt stretches its impressive 900 km coastline along the Red Sea and 200 km along the Gulf of Aqaba, offering a paradise for diving enthusiasts. However, there is something for everyone, whether you seek relaxation, sports, or budget-friendly options. Are you seeking a lively fiesta or tranquil serenity at the end of the day? Do […]

15 Best Attractions in Hurghada, Egypt In 2023

15 Best Attractions in Hurghada In 2023

Hurghada is a popular beach resort town in Egypt, known for its beautiful coastline, top-notch hotels, and excellent diving spots. While it can be crowded with tourists, the resorts in Hurghada offer fantastic amenities for a reason. The beaches along the Red Sea are stunning in many areas, with clear and warm waters that are […]

5 Must See Attractions In Luxor, Egypt

5 Must See Attractions In Luxor, Egypt

With its sumptuous temples and tombs, the former religious capital of the pharaohs is the queen stage of a stay in Egypt. Our advice for making the most of the most beautiful sites. 500 kilometers south of Cairo , nestled between the desert and the green banks of the Nile, the city of Luxor reveals some of the […]