Guide To Nightlife In Doha

As in other Arab countries, there are restrictions and prohibitions at night. Moreover, religious leanings are another explanation for the lack of vitality in Doha nightlife. Because the majority of people here are Muslims, they are not allowed to drink alcohol. As a result, with the exception of a few luxury hotels, alcoholic beverages are prohibited in Doha.

However, there are a few specific places where tourists can enjoy clubbing or dancing at night. There are many hotel bars for tourists in the area, which has a large local population and an important tourist economy. The city’s nightlife revolves around its hotels, each offering a unique bar experience.

In addition to tourists, residents and expats also enjoy the nightlife in DohaPeople frequent the pubs, nightclubs, bars, and discos of the city because they believe that it is the best place to unwind after a long day at work. They relax and dance to the hottest dance tracks played by DJs in nightclubs.

Luxury hotels contribute to the country’s nightlife by having indoor clubs that attract both locals and tourists.

Doha’s nightlife has evolved into a variety of live music venues, bars and clubs, albeit mostly centered around foreign hotels. So if you’re going somewhere outside of your hotel, be sure to bring your ID and check to see if it’s a membership-only facility.

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Night clubs in Qatar

Society Lounge

Society Lounge Nightlife In Doha


Location: Hilton Doha, Doha | Phone: 5539 0937

This top-rated nightclub allows you to enjoy the breathtaking Doha skyline. The Hilton Doha itself lights up with a purple laser light, making it easy to find. The rooftop location offers big parties like R&B nights and Urban Friday dance shows, among other things. Society Lounge is frequently visited by famous DJs and celebrities. It is best to visit the pub during the cooler months from November through April. Membership fees must be paid at the entrance.

Nobu Doha

Guide To Nightlife In Doha


Location: Four Seasons Hotel Doha, Diplomatic St, Doha, Qatar

Although there are many nightclubs in Doha where you can have fun, spending time in a bar is also fun. Located in the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel Doha, Nobu offers stunning views of the city as well as a great atmosphere. The pub has rooftop seating as well as soft lighting that complements the ambiance.

Guests can relax on the rooftop and enjoy stunning views of the Doha skyline. Want to liven up your night in Qatar with some light music? Nobu Doha offers soothing house music while its signature cocktails are designed to create an unforgettable experience.

 The bar offers a Japanese tapas experience with typical dishes at moderate prices. Nobu Doha may provide one of the best happy times in Doha for the guests. So, come and enjoy an unforgettable night in the luxurious setting of Four Seasons Hotel Doha.

Wahm Lounge Doha

Guide To Nightlife In Doha

Location: W Doha Hotel, West Bay, Doha, QA 19573

The Wahm Lounge at the W Doha Hotel is one of the most recommended clubs in Doha. Every night has a theme, and Ladies Night is every Tuesday. The area is ingeniously built to create an indoor-outdoor atmosphere, and there is a daily happy hour from 5-8pm. Drinks are expensive, as in all 5-star hotels.

Iris Lounge

Guide To Nightlife In Doha


Location: Sharq Village & Spa Hotel, Doha, Qatar Phone: 97455151339

If there is one place in Doha that guarantees an exciting nightlife, it has to be Iris LoungeIris Lounge, a modern restaurant, lounge and bar in Doha with an outdoor terrace and a variety of additional activities, is a haven for an enhanced experience in the city centre. In terms of services, the lounge can compare well with other nightclubs in Qatar, but the dining experience and background music provide a sense of sophistication.

Located directly on the sea in the beautiful Shark Village & Spa, guests who visit the Iris Lounge can sip on excellent cocktails or enjoy international gastronomy at its best. To enhance your experience, Iris offers a variety of snacks, while lounge music and live DJs set the tone for your evening.

But wait, there is another element that sets Iris Doha apart from the rest. The lounge hosts special events for ladies, and its happy hour is not to be missed.

Oxygen Club and Sky View at La Cigale Hotel

Guide To Nightlife In Doha

Location: La Cigale Hotel ,60 Suhaim Bin Hamad Street, Al Sadd Area, Doha

La Cigale Hotel has two clubs. The Oxygene Club, which has a large indoor venue, is the older and more popular of the two. Tuesday and Friday are the busiest days.

Sky View is a dynamic and elegant club that requires advance reservations. Features double decking and an eye-catching exterior. They serve gourmet dishes like sushi and sophisticated drinks.

Irish Harp at Sheraton

Guide To Nightlife In Doha

Location: Sheraton Grand Doha, Al Corniche Street, Doha, Qatar

Unlike other expensive nightclubs, Irish Harp is popular because on the first Thursday of every month, all women get three free drinks. One of the club’s most popular elements is live music, which is followed by a flat screen TV to watch sports. During the winter, they organize a popular party in the garden called the Backyard, so don’t miss it. Men must pay an entry fee.

Qube and Orion at the Radisson Blu

Guide To Nightlife In Doha

Location: Radisson Blu ,Salwa Road, Intersection of C, Doha, Qatar

Radisson Blu has a few bars, but the most popular ones are Orion and Qube. Orion is located on the 9th floor and is reasonably priced. It’s more like a fancy restaurant with soft music. Qube, on the other hand, is a rowdy club with rock bands playing every night.

Monkey Tale Doha

Guide To Nightlife In Doha


Location: Grand Hyatt Doha Hotel & Villas

There are many beaches in Qatar that are home to notable clubbers, including Monkey Tale. Monkey Tale in Doha is one of the greatest nightclubs in Qatar if you want to experience the most exclusive, sophisticated and exciting nightlife.

Luxurious location on 1,500 square meters of beach, a place where you can relax in the sun while lounging in a cabana or on a wooden lounge on the coast. Do you want to spoil yourself? You can enjoy everything from some of the most exclusive European dishes to a wide variety of drinks while watching the calm seas.

Do you want more? The club has two bars, private cabanas, a pergola dining area, and sun loungers where guests can relax, eat, and chat all night long. Tourists are guided by the lush green lawn to the dining area, where they can enjoy the ultimate dining experience.

Moreover, if you want some music and want to party all night, Monkey Tale holds a beach party on Fridays, URBN Saturdays, and a variety of other events that are perfect for experiencing the nightlife. With world class DJs and lots to look forward to, it will be a night to remember for a long time.

Champions Sports Bar

Guide To Nightlife In Doha


 Location: West Bay City Center, Omar Al Mukhtar Street | Marriott Marquis City Center Doha Hotel, Doha

Are you a fan of sports? Want to see your favorite team in action? Well, there is one location in Qatar that will enhance your experience of watching live sports. One of the oldest and most popular destinations in Doha, Champions Sports Bar is decorated with sports-themed posters and wallpaper. This is where you might have the best time watching live sports and sipping a few drinks.

People can watch a variety of sporting events while enjoying drinks and delicious appetizers on more than 40 screens. People can fill their bellies with the most delicious chicken wings and onion rings while sipping on the perfect drink. But wait, do you know what the bar’s best feature is? Visitors will find a wide range of people to interact with here.

If you want to watch a game with your friends, you won’t be disappointed. It’s a great pub unlike any other in town; With a place like this, tourists will have the best fun at night and will always think of coming back.

The Den

Guide To Nightlife In Doha

Location: Conference Centre Street, West Bay , 9282, Doha

When you think of going out for drinks at night, do you think of noisy crowded places? But what if there was somewhere with the same atmosphere and excitement but less crowded? To escape the crowds, spend an evening at The Den, a relaxing and perfect place to unwind from the hustle and bustle of the city. The Den is known for its European style, dark ties, masculine hues, and wood paneling, making it one of the best spots to visit in Qatar.

People can enjoy their drinks at the bar or a corner seat if they choose to stay. The drinks menu features a variety of high quality shorts and signature mixed cocktails which guests are bound to sample. If you want to try something out of the ordinary, go for a smoked Mexican or an Arabic colada.

Doesn’t that sound curious? This site has a lot to offer you. The Den has everything you’d expect from a major nightclub in Doha, including great music, a lively atmosphere, after-dinner cocktails, and a nightly coffee. Come here and enjoy the best nightlife in Qatar!

Aqua Lounge

Guide To Nightlife In Doha


Location: Marriott Marquis City Center Doha Hotel, Doha

 When we talk about Aqua Lounge we definitely mean something fun and adventurous with plenty of food to enjoy. The ambience and cheerful energy of the place may make it a perfect place to hang out with your friends. Aqua Lounge in Qatar is one of the best nightclubs in Qatar to spend a fun evening while on vacation.

The swimming pool is one of the aspects that distinguishes Aqua Lounge from other nightclubs in the city. Not only does this restaurant offer a family-friendly atmosphere, but it also allows you to enjoy your meal while admiring the bustling Doha skyline. To spice up regular family dinners, consider dining by the pool or under the stars. Since the main feature of the Aqua Lounge is its outdoor seating, you can sip on shisha or evening mocktails while enjoying the beauty of Doha.

You can dress casually for the meeting, or if it is a business meeting, there is a private room on the eighth level that is only suitable for social gatherings and professional meetings.

The Pearl Lounge

Guide To Nightlife In Doha


Location: Marriott Doha Hotel 

The hottest and most active place, Pearl Lounge is one of the greatest nightclubs in Doha to spend a good evening. The lounge located at the Doha Marriott Hotel serves some of the best cocktails and mocktails, as well as catchy music and a dance floor to match the sounds. The elegant ambience and elegance of its interior designs create a contemporary style for your special occasion. There’s a DJ, traditional decor, and great lighting that lights up all night. There is also leather seating, tables, a fully furnished kitchen, and a great setting that would characterize the entire Pearl Lounge setup.

The decor of the Pearl Lounge is made to perfection, neither too fancy nor too boring. It exudes elegance and sophistication as well as a bit of fun making it an ideal destination for any traveler.

You can dress casual and hang out with your family, or you can make it a lively evening out with your friends. Your favorite oriental foods are included in the Pearl Grand Club. Or some steaks, the famous Pearl Lounge sushi, and more international automatic Qatari cuisine to spice up your celebration. Guests can also choose unique drinks such as fruit or unusual drink mixes.

Black Orchid Qatar

Guide To Nightlife In Doha


Location: Mondrian Doha Hotel, West Bay Lagoon, Doha | Phone: 5007 1999

Black Orchid, with its sophisticated and dynamic environment, is one of the best places to spend the night in Qatar. Set in the surreal and fantastic setting of the luxurious hotel Mondrian Doha, this restaurant and bar offers you a perfect setting to appreciate the leisure time and enjoy the thrill of the exotic meal served here.

Black Orchid has grown in popularity due to its distinctive and attractive interior designs, which express a sense of luxury and sophistication. The space is well designed and arranged, with gold-framed mirrors, exquisite furnishings, attractive tableware, and complementary accessories. The place occupies two bars, a large DJ booth, a seating area, and a great vantage point for views of the city of Doha. The pleasant atmosphere of the place invites visitors to spend an evening relaxing in charming surroundings and swinging to the sounds.

The restaurant and bar in Doha, Qatar features handcrafted speaker doors, luxurious VIP seating, and a cool setting. The list of events includes VIP tables, VIP bottle service and some live shows to provide you with the best evening entertainment.


Zengo Nightlife In Doha


Location: Marsa Malaz Kempinski Residences & Suites, Doha

If you are looking for an upscale place to enjoy a delicious meal and nightlife in Qatar, Zengo Restaurant is the best choice. Located in Marsa Malaz Kempinski, this restaurant offers the finest tastes and a varied menu from which to choose the perfect dish for the evening. This Asian restaurant is known for its distinctive decor, welcoming atmosphere and excellent service.

Recognizing the need for space , Zengo provides a safe and vibrant environment to provide privacy and comfort to all of its visitors. The soothing music, magical fragrance and delicious flavor of each unique drink and meal speak for themselves. When it comes to nightlife in Doha, Zengo Zunzet organizes from Sundays to Thursdays, where guests are served delicious and refreshing drinks. You can choose between three fast food meals and unlimited drinks.

Sky view bar

Guide To Nightlife In Doha


Location: La Cigale Hotel, C Ring Rd, Doha

Enjoy the vibrant nightlife of Qatar while enjoying the stunning views of the Doha skyline. Sky View Bar at La Cigale Hotel is one of the best places in Qatar to enjoy food and music. Located on the 15th floor of La Cigale Hotel, Sky View Doha Bar offers privacy and intimacy for drinking and dancing. Sky view provides a calm and colorful atmosphere, as well as competent services that put tourists at ease. It is an amazing place that offers an amazing experience, making your special night in Qatar unique and unforgettable.

With a beautiful backdrop and soothing music, one can enjoy the smooth jazz music that matches the decor while savoring the delicacies on the menu. The club roof is an enclosed two-story area with a huge bar in the center. There is a large outdoor porch style terrace with lovely seating where you can enjoy the serene views while enjoying your favorite beverage. As long as you are respectful of the territory and maintain decency, you can dress smart casual. This Doha pub features a live DJ and band to add to the magic, making it the perfect backdrop for your evening of music.

The club at St Regis

Guide To Nightlife In Doha

Location: West Bay, Doha 14435 Qatar

If you want to experience live music, The Club at St. Regis is the best place for you. This quiet place features a stunning view of the Arabian Gulf. The Oyster Bay Beach Club at The St. Regis Doha offers relaxing beach time. Hop on a banana boat ride and cool off in an Olympic-sized swim that stretches down to the beach. There are many other beaches to explore in the St. Regis, particularly the beachfront chalets and landscaped hotel gardens.

Jazz Club at Oryx Rotana

Guide To Nightlife In Doha

 Location: Airport St, Doha

The city’s first Jazz Club plays live music six nights a week. You can simply sit at the bar and have a cocktail if you are not a foodie. 4 TheMysic, a five-piece band specializing in traditional jazz, performs as a house band. There are frequently guest artists and tribute nights.

Nightlife tips

Getting around

Avoid taking local taxis because they are hard to find, expensive, and often dishonest. Uber works well and costs less.

If you are thinking of working in Qatar, make sure you include a driver in your package.

Clubs price

Partying in Doha is very expensive, especially now that there is a new 100% “sin” tax on all alcoholic beverages.

Memberships of up to QAR 200 are often required at the best venues. A beer costs 50 QAR and a cocktail costs 80 QAR. If you want a table, expect to pay no less than 1000-1500 QAR (the price of one bottle of alcoholic beverage). Check out the happy hours, which are often rather generous in Doha (up to 50% off).

There are many cheaper taverns with prices 30-40% lower (for example, Radisson Blu Hotel, Best Western Hotel or Horizon Manor Hotel).

Clubbing for women

Most Doha bars fail to attract enough women. This is because indigenous women are not allowed to party, and the majority of expats in Qatar are men (they work in engineers, oil and gas, construction).

As a result, there are often some really lavish women’s nights in Doha. To discover one, simply go to the Facebook pages of the bars listed below. Before midnight you usually get two beers for free.

Furthermore, since many bars require men to be accompanied by a woman, you can simply get in for free anywhere if you wait too long near the entrance. There are always a few guys who ask for a +1.

Dress code

Wear closed shoes, pants and a shirt at all times. Women are not allowed to wear headscarves, and men are not allowed to wear traditional Qatari dress.

When ?

Remember that the weekend in Qatar is Friday and Saturday, not Saturday and Sunday. As a result, Saturday night is not the most popular party night.

Clubs and bars are usually busiest between 11pm and 1am by 2am, and they are all closed.

The nightlife in Doha is completely dead during Ramadan and religious holidays. All bars are closed, and alcohol cannot be purchased anywhere.

Internet censorship in Qatar

Another thing you should be aware of is that many websites, especially dating and escort services, are banned in Qatar. You should also keep in mind that the authorities may read any emails or communications you send while in Qatar. Most of the expats have installed VPN on their phones and computers to avoid this. It is inexpensive (less than $5 per month) and allows you to surf the web anonymously and access any website.