Best Souvlaki In Nicosia

Souvlaki is a beloved dish in Cyprus, and that’s why we went on a quest to find the best places in Nicosia to enjoy this delightful meal. Whether it’s Greek-style or the classic, traditional version, souvlaki always has a special spot on our dining tables.

1. Apantisi

 Apantisi Best Souvlaki In Nicosia

Apantisi, which opened in 1996, is renowned for two specialties: its exquisite souvlaki and unique seftalia, which are unrivaled elsewhere. It earned the Best Souvlaki title at the 2014 Cyprus Eating Awards and continues to be a nominee each year, maintaining its reputation for taste and quality. The eatery presents a casual, family-friendly atmosphere with several small tables. Recently renovated, it now features a cozy fireplace, perfect for chilly nights.

The venue is a favorite for music enthusiasts, offering live music by Panagiotas Prokopas, Yiannis Theotokis, and Chrysantho Chrysanthous every Friday at 9 PM. Football fans also gather here to watch matches. Known for its skilled grilling, Apantisi serves generous portions of traditional flavors with authentic service. The menu includes succulent steaks, tasty wine, grilled ribs, lamb, beef liver, and more. In the evening, it’s the place to savor unique, traditional Cypriot mezes with 20 dishes, including salads, appetizers like olives, tahini, beetroot, yogurt, and various other specialties.

 Archiepiskopou Makariou 98, Kato Lakatamia, Nicosia |

2. Foukou Tou Yiakoumi

Best Souvlaki In Nicosia In  Foukou Tou Yiakoumi

At Foukou Tou Yiakoumi in Engomi, they specialize in traditional Cypriot skewers that are irresistible. Regular customers often say that if you haven’t tried a souvlaki from this place, you haven’t experienced true Cypriot souvlaki. This small shop may have few tables, but it’s known for big culinary delights. It’s popular for its skewers and as a go-to spot for quality grills.

For years, this establishment has been dedicated to serving delicious, juicy grilled meats, prepared with great care and love. They prioritize using quality ingredients, focusing on fresh Cypriot meats and fresh herbs. The skewers and sheftalies are expertly made by professionals who select the best raw materials daily to guarantee product freshness.

The menu at Foukou Tou Yiakoumi extends beyond these specialties. You can enjoy a variety of options in your pita, like chicken souvlaki, a mix of meats, halloumi, mushrooms, sausage, pastourma, or combinations of these. The portions offer a wider range, including the Giakoumi Variety (featuring pork and chicken souvlaki, seftalia, sausage, halloumi, mushroom), chicken fillet and leg, giant but also spicy pork steak, veal steak, pork pancetta with wine, pork and lamb ribs, beef liver and pork burger. You can also choose between side dishes, fresh salads, and freshly fried potatoes.

Lykavitou 52, 2401 Engomi, Nicosia |

3. O Gyros Tis Akropolis

Best Souvlaki In Nicosia In O Gyros Tis Akropolis

O Gyros Tis Acropolis, situated in the heart of Nicosia, has a longstanding reputation for serving well-cooked gyros to a diverse clientele. Its traditional yet timeless gyro recipe, cooked on a vertical metal spit, delivers a distinct taste that sets it apart. The high-quality ingredients and carefully chosen meat cuts make each serving a delightful experience. Not only is it celebrated for its famous gyro, but also its excellently prepared souvlaki, earning a place on the tables of the most discerning gourmets in the capital.

Recently, it expanded with a sibling establishment in Agios Dometios named “The Grill of the Acropolis,” focusing on Cypriot souvlaki and aromatic seftalia. Customers can choose from a range of options like beef, pork, or chicken gyro in either Greek or Cypriot pita, accompanied by salad, tzatziki, or potatoes, among other items. The menu also features a wide array of grilled dishes such as pork and chicken souvlaki, seftalia, burgers, steaks, chicken fillets, halloumi, all prepared with the finest ingredients for taste and quality.

A must-try for souvlaki lovers is the souvlaki wrap from O Gyros Tis Acropolis. You can order it with pork or chicken and customize your flavor combination. Additionally, the menu includes souvlaki and sheftalies in a Cypriot pie with krimmysi, tomato, cucumber, lettuce, crab, potatoes, and tzatziki.

At “Shara Tis Acropolis,” their new venue in Agios Dometios, you’ll find a menu that includes pork and chicken souvlaki, a mix, wine pancetta, halloumi, mushrooms, giant steak, salads, burgers, and various dishes that honor tradition with a twist.

Steliou Mavromati 76, Agios Dometios 2364, Nicosia

Akropoleos 45, Acropolis, Nicosia |

4. Adouloti Keryneia

Best Souvlaki In Nicosia In Adouloti Keryneia

This family tavern, a staple in Nicosia for 36 years, offers a warm and inviting atmosphere where guests can enjoy Cypriot cuisine, stews, grilled meats, and some of the best skewers in the city. A highlight of the tavern is its fresh fried potatoes. The establishment is renowned for its commitment to quality, as all dishes are freshly prepared with no pre-cooked items. Its relaxed, unpretentious setting, reminiscent of a bygone era and adorned with checkered tablecloths, ensures a satisfying experience.

On your next visit, it’s highly recommended to try the pork souvlaki in a pie or as a portion, the superb seftalia, and the tender beef liver. The appetizers are a must-try, featuring delicious options like pork souvlaki, fresh potatoes, wine sausage, ribs, grilled zucchini with yogurt, and other seasonal delicacies. The menu also includes unique dishes such as arugula with egg, spinach with mushrooms and egg, tomato with egg, pilaf, grilled eggplants with tomato sauce, and special fried potatoes topped with halloumi, sausage, egg, and tomato sauce.

Be sure to save room for dessert, as the tavern offers treats like leafless burekhi with sweet walnut syrup, fried banana with sweet walnut syrup and ice cream, or bicolor semolina halva, all accompanied by coffee.

Agios Ioannou 7, Strovolos, Nicosia |

5. Takis O Leventis

Best Souvlaki In Nicosia In Takis O Leventis

At Takis the Leventis, there’s a deep passion for food, with a focus on bringing the authentic flavors of Cyprus to the table. They emphasize traditional recipes handed down through generations and insist on using local, high-quality raw materials. This commitment is evident in their delicious souvlaki.

Their pita offerings include not only souvlaki but also a mix of meats, seftalies, chicken souvlaki, minced kebab, sausage, pastourma, and chicken burgers. A standout item is the Levenitko Souvlaki, marinated with a secret recipe and served with grilled onion, including tomato, cucumber, parsley, crab, and lemon. The menu also features a variety of well-cooked meats, such as chicken souvlaki, pork skewers, seftalies, and pork steak.

Additionally, Takis the Leventis offers portions with skewers and other items like bacon pancetta and lamb ribs. Guests have the option to customize their pita to their liking. For vegetarians, the menu includes choices such as pita with falafel, mushroom and halloumi, veggie burger, and potato pie.

119D Athalassas Avenue, Nicosia |

6. Souvlakia Tou Antrou

Best Souvlaki In Nicosia

This small family business offers a tidy space with classic, simple decor, featuring 3-4 tables and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. Known for its exceptional service, it’s a go-to place for some of the best quality pork skewers in the capital, known for their high-quality meat and generous portions. In addition, it’s a great spot for delicious kebabs, which are a rare find.

The place is also famous for its secret recipe seftalia and tender chicken souvlaki that simply melts in your mouth. Their souvlaki and seftalia come with crab, tomato, cucumber, optional onion, and parsley, all cooked to perfection, alongside excellent chicken souvlaki and grilled steak.

The menu includes gyros (beef, pork, and chicken) in a Cypriot pita, as well as options like sausage, pastourma, halloumi, and mushrooms, also served in a Cypriot pita. For those preferring a plate option, there’s a variety including wine, chicken fillet, lamb ribs, beef liver, grilled bacon, sausage, pastourma, skewers, seftalia, and more.

A highlight of their offerings is the oversized variety plates, featuring pork souvlaki, sheftalies, spare ribs, halloumi, mushrooms, fried potatoes, and salad.

49A Kyrenias Ave., Aglantzia, Nicosia |

7. To pikantiko

Best Souvlaki In Nicosia In To Pikantiko

Since 1999, Pikantiko in Lakatamia has been known for its tasty and spicy souvlaki, made with homemade care and high-quality ingredients. Over the years, it has built a loyal fan base who consistently choose it for its consistent quality.

Their pita is always served hot, the souvlaki is tender and made from quality meat, the seftalia is spicy, and everything is accompanied by a fresh and tasty salad. The menu also features hot appetizers like mushrooms, halloumi, sausage, pastourma, vegetables, all grilled, as well as baked potatoes. For grilled appetizers, they offer pork chops, lamb and pork ribs, beef liver, crassata, and other hearty options.

Additionally, Pikantiko offers a variety of fresh fish, available in every season, including sea bream, sea bass, cuttlefish, and various other selections. Notably, customers can now enjoy their meals with live music every Saturday at 9 PM.

Arch. Makariou Avenue 13, Kato Lakatameia, Nicosia |

8. Tavernaki Filippos

Best Souvlaki In Nicosia

Located in the quaint old neighborhood of Strovolos, within the narrow streets of picturesque old Strovolos, this traditional tavern is renowned for its generous servings of traditional Cypriot food. It’s Tavernaki Philippos, awarded the title of Best Tavern at the Cyprus Eating Awards 2021. This recognition isn’t surprising, given its commitment to fresh ingredients, seasonal products, and familiar flavors, complemented by impeccable and friendly service.

The tavern’s setting is simple, traditional, and welcoming. In winter, guests are greeted by its atmospheric interior, complete with traditional decoration and a warm wood stove. Summer brings the opportunity to dine in its beautiful, flower-filled courtyard. Stepping into this tavern feels like visiting a friend’s home, filled with culinary delights.

Visitors come here for the aromatic souvlaki and a variety of rich grilled appetizers. The menu features well-cooked, juicy Cypriot souvlaki, made with the finest raw materials and served in large quantities. Regulars describe it as “one of the best souvlaki in Nicosia, with perhaps the best seftalia in the capital.” Besides pork and chicken skewers, the tavern also offers lamb skewers marinated in sumaki, irresistibly tasty.

In addition to skewers, the menu includes a wide array of grilled meats such as lamb ribs, country sausage, delicious grilled steak, crispy potatoes, and stews, including beef liver and snails yachni, and juicy lamb skewers, all served in generous portions. Another highlight is the grilled brisket with oregano, a popular choice among diners.

Dimitras 2AB, Strovolos, Nicosia |