Best Taverns In Nicosia

Nicosia, a city steeped in history and culture, is not just the capital of Cyprus but also a hub for some of the most delightful and authentic dining experiences. In this post, we’ll guide you through the narrow, cobbled streets and into the warm, inviting atmospheres of the best taverns in Nicosia. From traditional Cypriot fare to innovative dishes that blend modern and classic flavors, these taverns are more than just eateries; they’re gateways to understanding the local culture and history.

1. Beba

Best Taverns In Nicosia Beba

Beba is a cozy, bright, and traditional tavern, known for being one of the best in Nicosia. Its simplicity is matched by its incredible utility. You’ll appreciate its relaxed style, possibly as much as its unexpected fusion dishes. At Beba, you’ll find a delightful mix of traditional and innovative cuisine, with dishes like halloumi and ravioli, seftali and chicken kontosouvli, alongside savory fish and beef carpaccio, as well as sea bass with cauliflower mousse. A perfect meal at Beba is always rounded off with their signature dessert, kadaifi with ice cream.

 Pindarou 2 a,b,c, Nicosia 1060 |

2. Etha

Best Taverns In Nicosia Etha

Etha Tavern, with its plaid tablecloths and wicker cafe chairs, offers a simple yet charming space decorated with images from old Greek cinema. This simplicity extends to its dishes, which are straightforward but incredibly tasty, making Etha one of the city’s favorite spots. In its courtyard, you can relax with a drink of tsipouro, retsina, or zivania, and enjoy excellent grilled and spit-roasted meats, as well as well-prepared appetizers and starters.

 Grigori Auxentiou 52, Nicosia |

3. Odofragma Tavern

Best Taverns In Nicosia Odofragma

While the garden might be the initial draw, the neat and welcoming interior of Odofragma tavern is just as captivating, setting the stage for one of your top dining experiences. Alongside traditional mezes, ofto kleftiko, traps, seftalies, and pastourma, the vegetarian dish is a standout, adding variety to the menu. Odofragma, always at the heart of things, knows how to offer a unique and satisfying dining experience.

Andrea Kariou, Agios Pavlos, Nicosia 2362 |

4. Spilaio

Best Taverns In Nicosia Spilaio

If you’re on the hunt for the best Cypriot snacks in the city, a visit to Spilaio is a must. This traditional tavern will serve you all the delicacies you’re craving, and they do it with a smile, great atmosphere, the freshest ingredients, and delicious results. You’ll find a variety of meats and some fish, along with traditional and cooked dishes. Here, you can enjoy eating from a table filled with incredible flavors!

Anastasi Leventis 2A, Deutera |

5. Stenorimi

Best Taverns In Nicosia Stenorimi

Stenorimi is a popular spot in the city, beloved for its traditional character, charming courtyard, live music, and of course, its fantastic food that honors Cypriot tradition in the best way possible. The restaurant is particularly famous for its spare ribs and shrimps, wine ribs, kleftiko, and many more dishes that are waiting to be discovered!

Kuriakou Karaoli 3, Aglantzia, Aglangia |

6. Aigaion


Aigaion, one of the most historic restaurants in Nicosia, was greatly missed on the city’s culinary scene. Now, it has raised its blue and white flag once again. After being revamped with retro elements and traditional touches, it has reopened its doors, letting its delightful flavors and aromas spill into the streets. The menu features beloved dishes such as the Aegean pie, Seftali pork kebab, pastitsada, as well as green shakshouka and roasted cauliflower. Egeion focuses on the flavors of the island but presents them in a truly unique way.

Ektoros 40, Nicosia 1016 |

7. Rokoko


Rokoko is a stylish and unique bar restaurant in Nicosia, known for its great Italian dishes like pizzas and pastas. It’s one of the best places in the city to eat. Along with Italian food, they also have some American-style dishes. Rokoko is famous for its amazing cocktails. On the menu, you’ll find delicious beef carpaccio, ravioli with lobster and crab, tasty risottos, and unforgettable pastas. They also serve real Italian pizzas, a variety of meats, and a special sweet calzone for dessert.

Odos Christodoulou Sozou 21, Lefkosia, Nicosia |

8. Skinny Fox

Skinny Fox

The “Skinny Fox” quickly became a popular spot in Nicosia, making a significant impact with its clever approach. Part of its charm comes from its unique design and a menu that takes diners on a culinary journey across Europe and around the world. This has helped Skinny Fox establish itself as one of Nicosia’s finest taverns. The menu features an array of international flavors, including smoked Carabinero shrimps, sea bass ceviche, and buns with steamed duck. Other highlights include Tandoori chicken, Rib-eye steak, and tuna with a soy mirin glaze, topped off with coconut sorbet.

 Menandrou 14A, Nicosia |

9. Vino Cultura

Vino Cultura

If you love wine and enjoy pairing it creatively with food, then Vino Cultura in Nicosia is a place you must visit. This venue is celebrated for its impressive wine cellar and a wine list that excites even the most seasoned wine enthusiasts. With their extensive knowledge of wine tasting, the experts at Vino Cultura enhance the dining experience with excellent culinary options. The menu includes dishes like tacos, tuna tartar, halloumi croquettes, bao buns with cod, flambé tarts, and tagliatelle. There are also great choices in pasta and meat cuts. Each dish is creatively prepared and thoughtfully paired with the perfect wine, ensuring a unique and memorable dining experience.

20 Kyriakou Matsi, 1082, Nicosia |

10. To Anamma

To Anamma

Anamma in Nicosia offers the coziest atmosphere in town, making you feel as if you’ve stepped into a friend’s home. The inviting space and the menu, which features simple yet carefully prepared and delicious dishes, contribute to a relaxing dining experience. The restaurant specializes in a variety of meats and appetizers, including their incredible moussaka. For those who prefer vegetarian options, Anamma has a special menu tailored to meet your needs, ensuring that everyone in your party has a delightful dining experience.

Ledras 89, Nicosia |