What To Do In Karakoy

Karaköy is a district where you can truly feel the history and the essence of the city. On one side, you’ll find historical apartments, inns, and delicious restaurants, while on the other, you’ll be treated to views of the Historical Peninsula and the coastline. Here are our suggestions for what to do in Karakoy: 22 best addresses to visit.


Aseka Karakoy

Asheka is a flavor stop in Karaköy. Opened in 2022 in a 100-year-old building, it quickly gained regulars for its delicious food. The menu changes with the seasons. The simple decoration uses wood tones, large mirrors, wooden wall details, and hanging plants. The lighting is dim with light music playing. Chef and managing partner Ömer Akosman blends modern and classic tastes with a unique approach.

Aseka location | instagram.com/aseka.karakoy/

Modern Restaurant

Modern Restaurant Karakoy

This restaurant has an impressive view of the Historical Peninsula. You can enjoy dishes prepared by Executive Chef Tuğçe Mirza Canik while soaking in the view. It opens at 12:00 every day except Mondays. Highlights include seafood pilaf with ink, milk semolina dessert with forest fruits, manti with Jerusalem artichoke, and seafood blarney with mung beans.

Modern Restoran location | instagram.com/restoranmodern_/


Neolokal Istanbul

Located in Salt Galata on Bankalar Street, Neolokal bridges the old and new. Chef Maksut Aşkar and his team prepare dishes to remind you of nearly forgotten traditions. They combine local cuisine with modern techniques, creating a refined and innovative dining experience. Neolokal boasts a Michelin Star and a Michelin Green Star.

Neolokal location | instagram.com/neolokal/

Gallada and Topside Bar

Gallada Istanbul

Gallada, within The Peninsula Istanbul in Karaköy, features the flavors of chef Fatih Tutak. Enjoy the Gallada flavors on the terrace of The Peninsula Istanbul’s historical passenger terminal building with views of the Historical Peninsula and the Bosphorus. The Topside Bar, located on the upper floor of the terrace, offers delicious cocktails.

Gallada location | instagram.com/galladaistanbul/

Liman Restaurant and Port Istamboul

Liman Istanbul

Port Istamboul should be mentioned together with Liman Lokantası, the coolest restaurant ever. When Liman, which was transformed from a stylish passenger lounge on the dock into a restaurant, opened its doors in the 1940s as an elegant restaurant with white-covered tables, tiled ceilings, and wooden floors, it was very popular among the employees of Karaköy, Galata, Bankalar Street, and Thursday Market with its view where you can watch the Golden Horn to the opposite bank. The historical Liman Lokantasi, which was opened on the upper floor of the Karaköy Concourse in the 1940s, has now been revived at Galataport Istanbul under its new name, Liman Istanbul. Offering the classic flavors of Turkish cuisine by blending old and new with modern touches without losing its old elegance, Liman Istanbul includes starters, salads, hot entrees, stone-baked products, and seafood on its menu.

Liman Restaurant location | instagram.com/tarihilimanistanbul/

Murver Restaurant

Murver Istanbul

Istanbul’s Bosphorus and Historical Peninsula view, Murver’s signature dishes… You can enjoy dishes such as pöç tandoori with herb bone sauce and seasonal mushrooms, stone oven pumpkin, slow-cooked beef cheek with fresh herbs, sesame crisps, and tahini yogurt at Murver.

Murver location | instagram.com/murverkarakoy/

Traditional Karaköy Güllüoğlu

Karaköy Güllüoğlu

Karaköy Güllüoğlu, standing strong since the 1940s, is a must-visit spot along the harbor. Here, you can savor fresh pistachio and walnut baklava, şöbiyet, and milk nuriye, straight from the factory. Enjoy these with tea at high tables inside or outdoor seating. Open from dawn, this shop, run by the Antepli Güllüoğlu family, sticks to traditions. Eating baklava on an empty stomach is a long-standing Karaköy tradition

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Bankalar Street

Bankalar Street Karakoy Istanbul

Bankalar Street, one of Istanbul’s most charismatic and aesthetic streets, is known as the street of the first banks of the Ottoman Empire. Over time, its buildings have transformed into hotels and art galleries, with new cafes popping up in the side streets. The most notable building on the street is the Ottoman Bank, now known as Salt Galata. This historic building, designed by architect Alexandre Vallaury in 1892, features two stunning facades facing Beyoğlu and the Golden Horn. Today, it houses a museum, art galleries, event spaces, and the Robinson Crusoe 389 Bookstore. On the ground floor, you’ll find Neolokal, one of Istanbul’s premier new-generation fine dining restaurants, complete with a large kitchen bar.

Bankalar Street location

Kamondo Stairs

Kamondo Stairs Karakoy

Kamondo Stairs, on the opposite side of Salt Galata, is another important Karaköy symbol. The Kamondos, wealthy Sephardic Jews of the 13th century, had these stairs built to go down to the bank building from their houses on the upper street. Mahkeme Lokantasi , located in one of the side streets where the Thursday Market is located at the bottom of Bankalar Street in Karaköy, actually belongs to the Kamondo family. It takes its name from the Genoese Court opposite it, built in 1314. The historical building was used as a business building for many years; It dates back to 1845 and its first name was Saatçi Han. It is possible to see Saatçi Han written in old letters both at the entrance door and on one of the walls leading to the upper floor.

Kamondo Stairs location

Archer Bistro & Bar Karakoy

Archer Bistro Karakoy

Archer Bistro & Bar is located at the entrance of Novotel Bosphorus in Karaköy. It’s a great spot for a delicious break at any time of day, whether for breakfast or dinner. The menu features a wide range of options, from croissant delicacies to green detox bowls, marinated chicken legs to mini skewered meatballs.

Archer Bistro & Bar location | novotelistanbulbosphorus.com/gourmet-bar-restaurant/archer-bistro-bar/

Karaköy Lokantası

Karaköy Lokantası

A classic in Karaköy, this restaurant is known for its traditional recipes and casserole dishes, especially at lunch. Dinner offers just as delightful an experience. Try the stuffed vine leaves with sour cherries, citrus Jerusalem artichokes with olive oil, marinated sardines, and baked torika.

Karakoy Lokantasi location | karakoylokantasi.com/en/contact


Octo Karakoy

Octo is located on the top floor of the JW Marriott Bosphorus Istanbul hotel in the restored historical Veli Alemdar Han in Karaköy. It’s popular for its panoramic view and delicious dishes. Dining while overlooking this view, especially at sunset, is a special experience.

Octo location | instagram.com/octoistanbul/


Filbooks Coffee Shop Karakoy

FiLBooks is a delightful book corner in Karaköy. It offers books, coffee, and tasty treats. Sitting at tables overlooking the street and watching the neighborhood’s liveliness is a pleasure. Books line the shelves on the entrance and upper floors. Enjoy coffee and dessert upstairs; sitting by the window with a view of the street and reading a book is very enjoyable. The atmosphere is calm and relaxing.

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Karabatak Coffee Shop

Karabatak Coffee Shop Karakoy

Opened in 2011 in Karaköy, Karabatak is located in one of the most popular and photographed corners of the district. Remember it for your coffee enjoyment.

Karabatak location | instagram.com/karabatak_karakoy/

Namlı Gurme

Namlı Gurme

Namlı Gurme is a popular destination in Karaköy, especially for breakfast and delicatessen. It’s a lovely place to start the day with a hearty breakfast. Additionally, their delicatessen products, appetizers, and grills are also highly favored.

Namli Gumre location | instagram.com/namligurme/

Mums Cafe

Mums Cafe Karakoy

Located at the corner where the French Passage meets Mumhane Street in Karaköy, Mum’s offers dishes from an open kitchen, desserts, sandwiches made with homemade sourdough bread, salads, and specially blended coffees. French toast is a popular choice, along with flourless chocolate cake and Nutella & Ricotta toast. It’s a great spot for a pleasant coffee break.

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Historical Nato Restaurant

Historical Nato Restaurant Karakoy

This historic restaurant has been serving the community for many years with its delicious dishes and döner kebab. It operates between 11:00 and 15:00.

Nato Restaurant location | instagram.com/natolokantasi1952/

Paps Italian

Paps Italian Karakoy

Located in the French Passage, Paps offers Italian cuisine enthusiasts a delightful experience. Opened in January 2015 under the management of Neapolitan chef Luigi Mariconda, it features pizza and bread made with sourdough, homemade pasta, tiramisu, and traditional Neapolitan meat and fish dishes.

Paps Italian location | instagram.com/papsitalian/

The Lobby in Peninsula Istanbul

The Lobby In Peninsula Istanbul

The Peninsula is situated on Istanbul’s Bosphorus shore, offering views of the Historical Peninsula. The Lobby, with its high ceilings and stylish atmosphere, provides a setting to enjoy delicacies, cocktails, and the classic Peninsula Tea Time.

The Peninsula Istanbul location | peninsula.com/en/istanbul/hotel-fine-dining/the-lobby

Moise Karaköy Restaurant

Moise Karaköy Restaurant

Located on the terrace of Hotel DeCamondo Galata, Moise offers a view of the Historical Peninsula. The terrace provides an opportunity to enjoy fireside appetizers.

Moise Karaköy location | instagram.com/moisekarakoy/

Historical Galata Simit

Historical Galata Simit Bagel Shop

Located on Mumhane Street, the famous Galata Simitcisi offers a variety of sweet and salty bagels.

Galata Simit location



Famous for its baklava and various desserts, Köşkeroğlu is now available in a new location.

Karaköy Köşkeroğlu Şube location | instagram.com/karakoykoskeroglu/


Galataport Istanbul

Galataport is an attractive spot in Karaköy, featuring numerous restaurants. It’s a great place to explore a variety of dining options, from Turkish cuisine to international flavors.

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