Best Restaurants In Jeddah

If you’re in the mood for fantastic Indian or European cuisine, traditional Saudi dishes, or delicious burgers, Jeddah has it all. But which restaurants really stand out in this city filled with dining options? We’ve put together a list of the best restaurants in Jeddah.

1. Toki

Toki Best Restaurants In Jeddah

Toki serves a mix of Chinese, Thai, and Malaysian dishes, and it’s not just the food that’s impressive. The restaurant itself is beautiful, with ornate pillars, glass tables, elegant chandeliers, and decorated ceilings.

Begin your meal with steamed dumplings served in a traditional Chinese bamboo basket. Then, indulge in crispy Peking duck with pancakes. Finally, satisfy your sweet tooth with desserts like burnt cheesecake or chocolate moelleux. For a refreshing drink, try their lemon and mint juice, perfect for hot summer days.

Prince Abullah St Al Rawdah Dist, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia,

2. Lucky Llama

Lucky Llama Best Restaurants In Jeddah 

This new restaurant combines traditional Peruvian dishes with Japanese flair, making it a popular spot. The decor is tasteful, and they offer plenty of vegetarian options. We recommend trying the prawn gyoza, shrimp popcorn maki roll, Sando Sundays, spicy edamame, beef rice, and beef yakis (my personal favorite). If you’re in Jeddah and want an authentic food experience, this is the place to go.

4056 Ibrahim Al-Anqari, Jeddah Saudi Arabia,

3. Century Burger

Century Burger Best Restaurants In Jeddah

If you’re looking for a quick, delicious, and budget-friendly meal, Century Burger is a great choice. People flock here for their certified Angus beef burgers and the special secret sauce. They bake fresh bread buns daily, and you can choose between crispy fries or tasty wedges with your burger. The classic combo includes the Century burger with Swiss cheese, lettuce, and tomato, served with fries – it’s a winner. Don’t forget to treat yourself to their tasty desserts, like the crispy caramel bun!

Prince Sultan Rd, Ar Rawdah, Jeddah 23431,

4. Piatto

Piatto Best Restaurants In Jeddah

Piatto is all about delicious, genuine Italian food. They have restaurants all over Saudi Arabia and they make sure to use the freshest ingredients for their authentic Italian dishes. You’ll even get some tasty garlic bread and salad as a complimentary starter. Their menu offers a wide variety of dishes, and the atmosphere is cozy and inviting. It’s a great place to enjoy a satisfying Italian meal.

Al Fayha’a, Jeddah 22241, Saudi Arabia,

5. Burnt By Buns

Burnt By Buns Best Restaurants In Jeddah

Burnt by Buns is a Korean fusion restaurant that offers a menu full of creative and hearty dishes. Whether you visit for an early lunch or a late-night dinner, you’ll enjoy generously sized plates packed with delicious flavors. Don’t miss their incredible garlic and cheese bread, and they even offer free coffee refills. It’s a great spot to satisfy your appetite.

Prince Sultan Rd, As Salamah, Jeddah 23436, Saudi Arabia,

6. Rasoi by Vineet

Rasoi By Vineet Best Restaurants In Jeddah

This restaurant has a fancy Indian style. The menu was created by Chef Vineet, who has a Michelin star. The food was incredibly delicious, with each dish having its own special flavor that made a strong impression. You should definitely give it a try. They use local ingredients and give a unique twist to traditional Indian dishes. It’s a culinary experience you won’t want to miss!

8749 Hail Street, Jeddah Saudi Arabia,

7. Shababik

Shababik Best Restaurants In Jeddah

If you’re looking for the best Lebanese restaurant in Jeddah, this is it. The food, service, view, and overall atmosphere are excellent. They do classic Lebanese dishes perfectly. It’s the perfect place to try raw meat dishes because they’re probably the freshest and best in town. While it can be a bit pricey, the menu is so tempting that you might end up ordering more than you planned just to enjoy all the delicious dishes they offer.

Prince Sultan Rd, Ar Rawdah، Ana Special Mall, Jeddah 23431,

8. Meez

Meez Best Restaurants In Jeddah

Meez is a unique restaurant that offers a modern twist on Middle Eastern cuisine. They have a wide variety of delicious food and drinks. Don’t miss out on trying the Eggplant Fattah. The prices are moderate, and the atmosphere is lively and enjoyable. Keep in mind that it’s often crowded, which is a testament to its popularity. Highly recommended for a memorable dining experience.

Sultan Street, As Salamah, Jeddah 23437,

9. Al Saddah

Al Saddah Best Restaurants In Jeddah

If you’re craving madghout, madhbi, or mandi, there’s one place in town that truly shines: Al Saddah. Their rice and chicken dishes are exceptionally delicious. Be sure to treat yourself to their tea and Kunafa, which make for a delightful combination.

Hira St, An Nahdah, Jeddah 23523, Saudi Arabia,

10. Tofareya

Tofareya Best Restaurants In Jeddah

Savor the flavors of traditional Saudi cuisine with a modern twist at Tofareya. Their menu is bursting with delicious options, served in a beautiful setting. You can still enjoy comforting classics like jareesh, lamb or beef, and fresh juices.

 Prince Sultan Rd, Al Zahra, Jeddah 23521,