Best Restaurants In Mecca

Are you visiting Mecca? It’s a fantastic place with rocky landscapes. After you finish Umrah or Hajj, you might want to check out some great restaurants in the city that offer delicious food and beautiful views of Mecca.

Here are the best restaurants in Mecca for your next visit:

1. Rustic Grill

Best Restaurants In Mecca

If you’re in Mecca, you gotta check out Rustic Grill! They’ve got the best steaks, awesome chicken and beef burgers, and a bunch of sides like salads, fries, and mac and cheese balls that are perfect for sharing.

Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz Road, Mecca,

2. Gurkan Sef

Best Restaurants In Mecca

Looking for the tastiest steak in Mecca? You should visit Gurkan Sef Steakhouse. They serve the most delicious meat and steak in town. The restaurant has nice decor and is a great place to enjoy famous dishes like steak and ribs.

Ibrahim Jafali Al-Owal Street, Mecca,

3. Do5na

Best Restaurants In Mecca

When you visit Mecca, make sure to check out Do5na Restaurant for a taste of authentic Hijazi cuisine. They serve dishes like areka, masoub, harees, and other flavorful and nutritious breakfast options from the region.

Thuban Al-Nabawi Street, Batha Al-Quraysh Center,

4. Al Shorfa

Best Restaurants In Mecca

If you want a fantastic view of the Holy Mosque in Mecca, don’t miss Al Shorfa Restaurant. It stands out among Mecca restaurants because of its breathtaking view of the Haram. This restaurant specializes in Middle Eastern flavors and offers the most delicious Arabic dishes. Be sure to try their tabbouleh, kebabs, and more when you visit.

Abraj Al Bait, Al Marwa Rayhaan by Rotana,Mecca


Best Restaurants In Mecca

Before becoming a nationwide sensation, the famous chicken restaurant Al-Baik started in the Hijaz region. In Mecca, you can still savor that unique Al-Baik flavor. Give their tasty musahb, broasted chicken, and other delicious meals a try at this renowned fast-food restaurant, the most famous one in Saudi Arabia.

Grand Mosque Road, Al Aziziyah, Mecca |

6. Shobak Pie

Best Restaurants In Mecca

Shobak Pie is a renowned restaurant in Mecca known for its delectable pies and baked goods. They have a wide-ranging menu that includes Arabic pies, Mexican tacos, salads, and many other delicious options to choose from.

Mecca Mall,

7. Yabroud

Best Restaurants In Mecca

You can enjoy delicious Turkish food at Yabroud Turkish Restaurant in Mecca. They have a big menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For breakfast, try tasty baked goods like doner pie or spinach pie. Also, don’t forget to taste their grilled meat dishes.

 Ibrahim Al-Juffali Street, Mecca,

8. Section-B

Best Restaurants In Mecca

In Section-B, you can enjoy burgers with a special twist. You get to create your own burger by picking from various toppings like lettuce, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, pickles, fried eggs, and more.

An Naseem, Mecca 24372,

9. Relish

Best Restaurants In Mecca

Experience the unique flavors of Lebanon at this special restaurant in Mecca. It’s known for its Lebanese grills and delicious Beirut hummus. This Lebanese restaurant, located in the Western Region, invites you to visit its branch in Mecca and savor the most delightful Lebanese dishes.

Al-Laith Road, Al-Kakiya neighborhood,


Best Restaurants In Mecca

Visit the café and lounge in Mecca for a variety of coffee options. You can enjoy traditional Saudi coffee with fresh dates, or explore specialty coffee by selecting your preferred drink.

Jabal Thawr, Al-Awali, Mecca 24372,