Best Cafes In Taif

If you’re a coffee enthusiast or just looking for that perfect spot to unwind in Taif, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’re shining a spotlight on the cafes that have not only captured our hearts but have also garnered high ratings from guests. From cozy corners with artisanal brews to buzzing joints with breathtaking views, rest assured, only the top-rated cafes have made it onto this list.

So let’s explore where you can find the best cafes in Taif!

1. Qanateer Cafe

Best Cafes In Taif Qanateer Cafe

Qanateer Cafe is a stylish spot with upscale decor that’s well worth a visit. Don’t miss their Madagascar Latte, Chocolate Latte, and Mini Pancakes. The coffee is top-notch, thanks to the high-quality beans they use.

Address: شارع الخمسين, Aljal, Taif 25623, Saudi Arabia |

2. Scape Cafe

Best Cafes In Taif  Scape Cafe

The cafe has both inside and outside spots to sit, and the setting is peaceful and lovely. If you enjoy speciality coffee, this is your place. The V60 coffee is a must-try, and so is the cascara. Their Coffee Macchiato is one of their standout drinks. Also, don’t miss their unique Hibiscus Coffee; it’s really refreshing.

Address: Akhbab, Taif 21944, Saudi Arabia |

3. Little Darling

Best Cafes In Taif Little Darling

Little Darling is a charming and stylish cafe is nestled inside a flower shop on Alhalqah Al Gharbia-main road. The decor is pleasing to the eye, the coffee great and their honey cake is a must-try—it’s incredibly moist and soft!

Address: Sulaiman Alrajhi Rd, Alhalqah Al Gharbia, Taif 26563, Saudi Arabia

4. Etoile Cafe

Best Cafes In Taif Etoile Cafe

Great cafe with both indoor and outdoor seating. The atmosphere is fantastic, and the coffee is not only visually stunning but also delicious, especially the Turkish coffee.

Address: Shehar, العام، Taif 26513, Saudi Arabia |

5. Nights Shubra Cafe

Best Cafes In Taif

Nights Shubra Cafe is most popular for its outdoor courtyard, filled with green plants and seasonal flowers. Customers can enjoy a wide range of coffees, from Arabic and Turkish to American, along with a variety of sweets. Whether you prefer Western desserts covered in chocolate or Arabic treats filled with dates and pistachios, there’s something for everyone.

Address: Tur Saina, Al Sharqiyyah, Taif 26523, Saudi Arabia

6. 8Oz Cafe

Best Cafes In Taif 8O Z Coffee

80z place is cozy and offers stunning views, making it a great spot to relax. The coffee and French toast are delicious. Be aware that it can get busy on weekends and evenings.

Address: طريق الملك خالد،, Aljal, Taif 26523, Saudi Arabia |

7. Vibes Cafe

Best Cafes In Taif Vibes Cafe

Vibes Cafe serves excellent coffee and has its own selection of freshly baked croissants and desserts. Both the food and drink are high-quality, and the service is top-notch. The coffee is especially good.

Address: 50th St, Aljal, Taif 26523, Saudi Arabia |


Best Cafes In Taif

This unique and beautiful cafe in Terra Mall spans two floors and offers a wide menu, including waffles, pancakes, and crepes with various sauces. Their French coffee is a standout, both in taste and presentation.

Address: شارع الخمسين, Aljal, Taif 26523, Saudi Arabia |

9. Bello Cafe

Best Cafes In Taif Bello Cafe

This spot is a top pick for desserts in Taif. All items are freshly made by hand, ensuring high quality with every bite. Plus, the cafe features a fantastic terrace where you can relax and enjoy the view.

Address: Airport Road, 5th Floor Sultana District, Taif 26571, Saudi Arabia |

10. SAGE Cafe

Best Cafes In Taif

The Sage Cafe is both lovely and peaceful. The flat white is delicious, and the French toast is a hit. Don’t miss out on the spicy Spanish latte—it’s a must-try.

Address: ليلاس العالمية،، شارع المطار،, Alsiana, Taif 26551, Saudi Arabia